Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Well as you all know I am in the process of moving into my very own place. I was welcomed to my new home by a few unexpected and unwelcome guests. I have cockroaches. Not just a few here and there, all over the entire apartment. To say I have been frustrated with this setback would be a slight understatement.

I have bombed my apartment twice and that still didn't get rid of them all. So thankfully my landlords had an exterminator come in and spray everything. After the exterminator came I bombed my apartment one more time and crossed my fingers. Yesterday was my first day at work so I didn't get to check out my apartment and do anything with it until about 8 last night.

I saw one cockroach and I killed it and then used some spray to get all around the area it was in. I also vacuumed my apartment really well and swept the kitchen and bathroom. I aired everything out and turned my air conditioner back on and decided to leave it for the night and actually work on things today.

Today I cleaned, I vacuumed again twice and sprayed all of the baseboards and behind the fridge and oven. I aired things out again and I repainted the baseboards and trim in my apartment. I also finally set up my bed and put a few things in their place. I also put up a ceiling fan today in my bedroom with the help of Jarr. Unfortunately I'm still not unpacked enough to stay there and its a maze to get through the house.

So hopefully I will actually be able to move in and start unpacking things now so I don't have to sleep on an air up mattress at Jarr's apartment much longer. This was a completely unexpected turn of events and I'm going to be honest it's stressing me out. I started a new job Monday and everything I own is stuck in a roach infested apartment.

They don't prepare you for things like this in school. So I'm pretty clueless on what to do here and how to handle this situation. I refuse to live in an apartment with roaches everywhere because that is gross and a major health hazard. So I have bombed my apartment 3 times, it has been sprayed by a professional twice and the second time he used two different sprays. I also have a big bottle of Raid roach killer I spray on any moving thing I see.

I can honestly say I am paranoid. If I see something move it gets sprayed, I have been a freak when I open up my boxes of stuff and Jarr thinks I am a nut case because I scream when I see shadows of things that might be bugs in my boxes of stuff. So lets just say it has been a very interesting day of unpacking things.

So I am asking for prayers that this all goes smoothly and also for advice. What have you done in situations like this? Is there anything I can do to make this not happen again? Any and all advice would be appreciated because I'm really clueless here.

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  1. It sounds like the landlords need to have the building tented. If I were you, I would hound them until they get this corrected. And if they don't, try to get your deposit back and look for something else.

    I hope it all works out for you.