30 Before 30 Challenge

So I am making a challenge for myself, (to read the original blog post go here) some things are important to me and some are things most people want. This is some of my bucket list for myself but that would take a lot more time and pages to put it all up here. I will be blogging about all of the challenges as I am doing them and they are happening so I hope you will follow along.

Here is my list
  1. Get a Master's degree
  2. Go to Europe
  3. Scuba dive 5 times (5 separate trips)
  4. Go on a girls trip
  5. Go to Vegas
  6. Blog every day for a month
  7. Work at a summer camp
  8. Buy a plane ticket to the first place available and go
  9. Volunteer every Saturday for 3 months somewhere
  10. Plan the wedding of my dreams
  11. Have a successful career (my own definition of successful) 
  12. Live in another state
  13. Have date night once a week for a year
  14. Go on a cruise
  15. Go backpacking
  16. Start/finish writing a book
  17. Go to New York City
  18. Visit the coasts
  19. Run a 5K
  20. Give something to a total stranger
  21. Go on a mission trip
  22. Donate to a charity
  23. Teach a Sunday School class/children's church
  24. Start a family
  25. Make a quilt 
  26. Try a new recipe every week for a year

If I have finished something I will strike through it and if I am currently working on something I will put it in italics.
What would be on your list?

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