Sunday, April 13, 2014

Selfie Sunday

Today has really just been a lazy Sunday for us at home doing homework, cleaning house, and doing laundry. The morning started off with a nice long walk up to campus with Remy. We walked around for about an hour which ended up being about 5 miles. It was a great walk for all of us and it wore our little girl right out. 

Remy spent a lot of time today napping in her pen while we did homework and cleaned house. 

Of course this made Eli exhausted and he needed to nap also. 

We had a little spurt of bad weather and all of those white spots are hail. It only lasted for about 30 minutes but we made sure we were weather aware. 

This of course stressed Remy out and she thought she needed to pull every single toy she has out of her play box while me and Eli watched the news. Thank goodness our little storm didn't last long so the kids settled down after that. 

What are your selfie Sunday's? 

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