Tuesday, May 12, 2015

DIY Canvas Prints

For Christmas Jarr and I decided to put some of our engagement picture on canvas's and give them to our mom's and grandparents. We looked into the cost of getting them printed and then we quickly decided we could make them ourselves for a fraction of the cost. So today I'm going to share with you how to DIY Canvas Prints. We did this with a 11X14 poster print and 11x14 canvas.

The first step was ordering poster prints, so I looked around and found the  most affordable prints at Wal-Mart. I ordered them online by uploading my pictures, then I could decide if I wanted color, black and white, or any of the other options that they offered. I then had them printed to my local Wal-Mart and picked them up. This was much easier then I thought it would be and the prints were really good quality. 

My next step was painting the edges of my canvas's black so they would look like they had frames around them. I thought black would look best in any home but you could easily do this any color to match your decor.

Or you could go to Michael's after you painted all your canvas and realize that they have black canvas you can buy. But whatever you want to do is fine. 

My next step was deciding how to trim these bad boys. Even though you think the print and canvas will be the exact size for some weird reason they are not. They need to be trimmed some on the top and one side. So after a few trial and error's by Jarr and me we finally decided to just go with an old goody. Carefully trim off a little bit at a time on each side. This was a challenge and very time consuming but the easiest way we found. 

So I just took my sweet time and carefully trimmed it all up. After the first one you become more comfortable, it just takes a slow and steady hand. 

My next step was putting mod podge all over the canvas, I didn't do this thick, just a thin layer that covers everything. After I placed the print on their I smoothed it all out with my hands and tried to get any bubbles out that I could feel. 

My next step was putting weight on the canvas's so that they would dry and attach well. I put books on some of them and several different things I could find around the house. I did this overnight and the next morning they all seemed to be attached very well. 

I think that they turned out quite well. The edges held down and the cornered didn't peel up on any side. I am very happy with the way these prints turned out and think this was great for our home and they turned out as wonderful gifts for our mom's and grandma's. 

What do you think about my DIY canvas prints? Do you think they are easy enough to try? 


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