Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mirror Up-cycle

I found this mirror at a thrift store for $7. The hanger was broken on the back and the corners were a little scuffed up. It was definitely a fixer upper but I loved that the frame was solid wood and it's a BIG mirror. I knew there was no way I could find this big of a mirror without a large price tag so I snatched it up and went to work. 

In a moment of genius I thought I'll put this newspaper down and then tap the corners and stick it al a little under the edges so I don't get any paint drip. This seemed like a great idea at the time. It definitely worked and there was no pain on the mirror at all. Getting the tape and newspaper out from between the frame and mirror was nightmare. I had to use an exacto knife for a lot of it. I would definitely not recommend doing this. Just stick the newspaper under the frame and be careful when painting. 

First I used a white base coat because the wood is really dark. It took two base coats with how dark the wood was but I did really light coats and it seemed to work well. 

After my base coats I used a grey-blue paint I got a free quart of at Ace. I love this color and I have it on a few different pieces in my living room so it worked out perfect that I used it on this mirror.

Then of course I distressed the frame and showed off the great lines and the original wood color. You can also see some of the white base coat show through in some spots which I love. To fix the hanger on the back I just bought some wire at Ace and used the attachment pieces already on the back of the mirror. All it took was some wire cutters and pliers to get the wire secure on the hangers. This mirror is very heavy to we had to make sure it was put into a stud. I would definitely suggest always putting heavy items into a stud. This is a very important safety precaution.

I think this mirror turned out great. It looks wonderful on my wall above our love seat. Now just to make something to go on each side of the mirror. It needs some accent pieces.

What do you think I should put on each side of the mirror? 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Craft Show Set-Up

A few weeks ago I went to a craft show and set up some of my furniture and crosses. I have made a few different pieces for this show and changed my set up so I thought y'all might like to see it.

This is a gorgeous antique old round table I found and just refinished the top of. On top of it is one of my large crosses. 

These are some old window frames I found and I put some hooks on them and added some wire mesh to the back so I could hang my pieces on them. I think they look really cool with the rest of my furniture and they go well with the theme of my booth. 

These three pieces are my favorite in the booth this weekend. I love the sign "Be Still" because that is one of my favorite Bible verses. The read coat rack is gorgeous and I think it would be a great piece in someone's house by their front door or in a mud room. I also love this old antique yellow piece of furniture. It is made of solid wood and it such a great sturdy piece. 

These are some more of my crosses and another coat rack that I absolutely love the handles on. Those handles are just great and I think they really add something special to this piece.

This sign wasn't quite ready for this show. It still needed to be distressed some before it made its first showing but I couldn't help but take it. I love this gray coffee table and its gorgeous legs.

What do you think of my craft show set up? Any tips, tricks, or things you would like to suggest I do?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Selfie Sunday

Today has really just been a lazy Sunday for us at home doing homework, cleaning house, and doing laundry. The morning started off with a nice long walk up to campus with Remy. We walked around for about an hour which ended up being about 5 miles. It was a great walk for all of us and it wore our little girl right out. 

Remy spent a lot of time today napping in her pen while we did homework and cleaned house. 

Of course this made Eli exhausted and he needed to nap also. 

We had a little spurt of bad weather and all of those white spots are hail. It only lasted for about 30 minutes but we made sure we were weather aware. 

This of course stressed Remy out and she thought she needed to pull every single toy she has out of her play box while me and Eli watched the news. Thank goodness our little storm didn't last long so the kids settled down after that. 

What are your selfie Sunday's?