Friday, February 27, 2015

Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers

Well it’s Friday! My favorite day of the week. Today is a special day for my family because it’s my momma’s birthday. She is turning 50 today and just keeps getting better with age. So this weekend will be spent with the whole fam bam and we are having a big birthday party for all of the birthday’s this month. We have several, like 8 people whose birthday range from February 17th to March 5th so we are having one big celebration as long as a blizzard doesn’t come in and change any plans. Here are my peaks, pits, praises, and prayers for the week.

This is my beautiful momma, doesn't she look amazing for 50?!?!

Peaks- I got a new car on last Saturday! I was rear-ended on my commute home and it ended up totally my car in the process. But I’m looking at it with a positive note and enjoying the new car I got! It was a slightly frivolous purchase for me but I figured you are only young once so I should enjoy it, right?

It might be slightly frivolous but its so much fun and I'm absolutely in love with my car! 

Pits- it has been freezing cold outside here, like snowing and below freezing temperature all week and the snow is coming in today as well. So winter wonderland, I’m ready for it to be gone and to have spring again.

Praises- I’m praising the Lord that he kept me safe during my fender-bender and no one was injured. I have been seriously injured in a car accident before so it was a little terrifying. I’m also praising that everyone has been safe in this crazy weather. It has been pretty bad on the roads but for the most part people have kept the accidents low.

Here is a picture of my sweet Remy girl, she's such a snuggle bug! 

Prayers- As this crazy weather comes in today and all weekend in Oklahoma that everyone stays safe. That my family traveling in for our big birthday bash is careful and that if we all get stuck its together and we have a lot of fun.

What are your peaks, pits, praises, and prayers for the week?


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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grown Up Decisions...

Now that I have officially graduated college I have the wonderful opportunity of deciding what to do with my life. I know that most people graduate from college and have an idea of where they want to work and what they want to do. That’s what getting a degree is all about right? Well, for me that just happens to not be the case. My degree from my wonderful university is in Public Relations. Which quite frankly I loved getting. I was fascinated every day and truly enjoyed learning about PR. But, like several people who fall in love I didn’t think about my degree plan with Jarr’s. My future hubby is getting his degree in petroleum engineering. This is a slight problem because of the location his job will require us to live in most situations.

How I get through my day... 

As of right now I have the same job I had the last two years of college. Which I really do enjoy the people I work with and the work isn’t hard. I am not using my degree at all though, I work for a very large multimillion dollar company as a title clerk in an accounting office. I am very good at my job and have learned a lot about the car industry in my time here. But, once Jarr graduates in May of this year I will have to decide if this is where I want to stay. We will probably have the opportunity to move somewhere far away from the City and Jarr could make a significant more doing this but then what will I do with myself. 

The loves of my life.. Jarr and Remy

So now the big part, deciding what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve tinkered with the idea of going to graduate school and getting my masters. I’ve been looking at different options and none of them are all that appealing to me. My ideal job would be to review romance novels, my guilty pleasure. I would love to have the job of reading books for a living.

If only life really worked that way. Ah, yes I’m sure you are wondering why I’m putting all of my stock in following Jarr across the state to the middle of nowhere. Well…we are engaged! He proposed and we are getting married. I’ll have a post to update you all about the wedding madness we are now dealing with.

Its real! We are getting hitched! 

Any and all advice on how to deal with deciding what to be when I grow up would be greatly appreciated. 


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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Real Grown Up World

I am what I would call officially a real grown up. I graduated from college in December and I have been working full time at the job I had during college. I can honestly say I love being finished with school. I loved learning and getting my education but working full time and going to school full time was a lot of do. I am really enjoying the free time and it is a wonderful adjustment.

Another bonus is I crossed something else off of my 30 before 30 Challenge I had for myself.

Here is Jarr and I after graduation. With my empty diploma case, I was a little sad that I wasn't getting my actual piece of paper that I paid so much for. But alas they do have rules about such things. 

 This is my cap that I decorated. I had a lot of fun decorating it and trying to decide how to make my mark. I think it fits my personality pretty well.

Now being in real big kid world I have had to make a few adjustments. No more late nights of procrastination on the computer while avoiding homework at all costs. Haha I have to actually go to sleep at a decent time and wake up early to go to work. Jarr and I have started working out again and working on being happier healthier versions of ourselves.

This is a picture of two of my really good friends all through college. These girls helped me survive this last semester and we have some great memories getting our degrees together. 

It has been quite an adjustment but I am really looking forward to having more time to spend with you guys again.


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