Monday, July 13, 2015

Kitchen Hutch Remodel Redo

A few years ago we did a Kitchen Hutch Remodel on a hutch we found on Craigslist. We painted the hutch a cream color and it went really well with our kitchen and worked great for storage. During the move however it got a little beat up by our movers (aka my husband and father in law). But that's okay because it was time to update the hutch anyway.

The above left picture is the hutch when we got it, the right is the finished cream hutch at our old house. We replaced the hideous plastic door covers with metal netting. You can get the full update on this original kitchen hutch remodel here.

I painted the updated hutch a pale yellow. It goes really well with our kitchen and all of the other colors in it. I am really happy with the pale yellow hutch now. I thought about going bold with it but it just wasn't going to work with the rest of the kitchen. 

This picture shows the pale yellow much better. I also love that the yellow makes the details stand out so much better on the woodwork. This hutch was really designed so well and has amazing details. 

So what do you think about my pale yellow kitchen hutch remodel redo? Haha it's kind of a mouth full but it seemed appropriate. This big beauty was kind of a handful when we were moving here.

What color would you paint a kitchen hutch?


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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Selfie Sunday

This weekend we went to the city and spent some time with my family out at the lake. We had a great time spending the day on the water and being with our family.

We are very blessed to have such a wonderful family and life.

Now we have really sleepy fur-babies, they love to snuggle up with momma on the couch. 

What are your Selfie Sunday's?


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Friday, July 10, 2015

Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers

Its been a crazy time for the last month with all the getting married, honeymoon, and moving to a new town. We are definitely starting to get settled into the new house but things are still a little chaotic. I am so glad to finally be back in a normal schedule though and to be home. I am loving the married life and being home with my fur-babies right now. So now for my peaks, pits, praises, and prayers of the week.

Peaks- The rain has been SO nice this week, it has rained a little almost every day and we haven't had to water anything and its been really nice.

One of our gorgeous wedding photos! Our photographer and location were amazing!

Pits- The rain. Haha I know how does that make any sense with my peak. Well I haven't been able to get some of the things I really wanted to do done this week because of all the rain. But that's okay its been nice to just spend some time inside with my fur-babies.

Praises- That I have such an amazing husband who has been taking care of us and providing for us. I am so blessed to have such a great husband who is giving me the time to find a job that I really want.

Prayers- Jarr is taking a class this summer and has his first test tomorrow. That he passes and does well and doesn't stress himself out about everything.

What are your peaks, pits, praises, and prayers for the week?


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Thursday, July 9, 2015

DIY Collage Wall

After getting married we moved to a new town and a new house. One of my most favorite things to do after moving is to decorate. I love unpacking all of our decorations and putting things up. This makes it feel like home so much quicker then almost anything else you can do. So in this house like in our old one I decided to put up a collage wall.

My best advice for putting up a collage wall is to find a center piece and make that the focal point. My center piece is a large sign I found a few years ago that I really loved. It is a good size and it gives the wall some structure.

From there I laid out all of the pieces I for sure wanted to use on the wall and then some extra one's that I could use also to fill in. This gave me a pretty good idea of what to put up and how to make things balance on both sides.

I like to use a variety of signs, crosses, pictures, and canvas art that I have for my collage wall. This gives the wall a nice variety and gives you the option to mix in your accent colors. I always try to find a couple of fun colors I can mix in on the whole wall that go with my room.

The best advice I can give you is to just stare at your wall and start with one piece. Then I add to each side until I think the wall looks complete. This isn't the best way I'm sure but its how my brain works. I need to see things up on the wall and sometimes this means that things get moved around and we have a few extra holes in the wall but that's how life is.

So this is my advice on having a collage wall, just go for it and if you have a few extra holes you can blame it on me and creativity!

What is your collage wall advice? If you have a collage wall please share a picture with me! I would love to see your masterpiece.


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