Thursday, September 20, 2012

Great State Fair

Happy Thursday everyone! The state fair of Oklahoma started last weekend and I went with Jarr and my family. We had so much fun walking around the buildings and sampling all the foods. We didn't ride any rides because I think they are a little unsafe and the lines were really long. We did spend a lot of time in a karaoke tent and listened to people sing. I must say only the best are brave enough to do that. I was pretty impressed with some of the singers and I was very entertained by them all. 

This is me and Jarr at the state fair. We had a lot of fun, me probably more then him but he isn't a big fan of things like this. He was a great sport though and let me eat all the fair food I wanted. 

This is an amazing strawberry crepe I had. It was so delicious! I've been thinking about going back to the fair just to get another one. 

My mom and I had so much fun at the karaoke tent listening to people sing. It was great to spend time with her and I'm so glad she invited us to go to the fair. 

This is a very bad picture of my mom eating fried mashed cheddar bacon potatoes. They were pretty crazy but actually weren't bad when dipped in ranch. I really enjoyed my fill of fair food and the giant corn dog I always get. The fair was a lot of fun like every year and I am so glad we went. I encourage everyone to check out their state fair and make a day of it. I really enjoy looking through the buildings at all of the crafts and peoples booths. I think its a great way to find something unique! 

When's the last time you went to the fair? 

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  1. I haven't gone this year--I'm not sure if I will. Last year I went to see the Eli Young Band! I refuse to get on those rides...something about the fact that they can be folded up and transported freaks me out. And say what, they have crepes?!