Saturday, September 1, 2012

Peaks, Pits, Praises, Prayers

I know I'm a day late and a dollar short, but this is one of my favorite things to do every week so I am going to do it anyways. This week was my last week to work 40 hours at work and I'm so excited. It is going to be so nice to actually have some free time and be able to get things done. Last night Friday night football started and I of course went to a game. No matter how old I get or where I am in life I will always love Friday night football. It is so much fun to go and watch people who really love the game play, that's what you have in high school football, people who really love the game. 

This morning I am working for a little bit and as soon as I leave work I am going to meet my family and go wedding dress shopping for my sister. They had to move the date of their wedding up to December so now everyone is scrambling to get things done and getting a dress is kind of a big deal so we are going today and hopefully we will find the perfect one. It is so crazy to me that Mal is actually getting married. I guess part of me still doesn't feel old enough to do that so I don't think she should be either. I'm definitely not ready for that big step in life but I think she is. we are only 22 months apart so I've always felt like we are the same age and this is really strange to me. 

This is my sisters and I last year. 

I know that she will be a beautiful bride and I know that Mal and Mark with have a wonderful life together. It is weird to me that we will never go on another family vacation just me my mom and my sisters, we have been doing that as long as I can remember every summer and now we won't be able to. It's just weird to think that I will actually have a brother now, don't get me wrong I like Mark a lot. He is a great guy, It's just weird that he will actually be apart of our family now. My family is VERY close and we are adding our first new member, I guess I will probably be the next person who gets to add a member but I just don't feel old enough for that to happen. 

Now onto my favorite part of the post. 

Peaks of the week- Definitely watching some football last night, that was amazing! Going wedding dress shopping today for Mal, I know it will be so much fun with my family and I can't wait for her to find the perfect dress! 

Pits of the week- Being a cranky butt because I've been so tired lately, hopefully that ends after this long weekend and cutting my work hours. Also finding out all the things I need to accomplish in the next two years before I graduate and feeling really behind. I know they want you to be at the top of your game when you graduate and that's why its like this but it is very overwhelming. I know I can do everything it's just a lot to take in. 

Praises of the week- I'm praising God that Jarr's little brother did good last night and didn't get hurt, he tore his ACL in the state championship game last year and it's been a long road to recovery for him, so last night was a big deal. I'm praising God for Labor Day and getting a long weekend! I definitely need it after all of the craziness I've had lately. 

Prayers of the week- I'm praying that God will heal Ryan (Jarr's brother) and the swelling that I'm sure will come today isn't to bad. I'm praying that Mal finds the perfect dress today and isn't overwhelmed by planning her wedding in such a short time period. I'm also praying for peace for myself, I know my future is in God's hands it just seems very overwhelming when I think about it. 

What are your's for the week? 


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