Sunday, February 9, 2014

Craft Room Pinspiration

In the new house there is a spare bedroom I have decided it is going to be my craft room/Eli's play room. With Remy running around now me and Jarr decided it would be best to give Eli his own room with his toys and things so he didn't feel like he had no space in the house. Yes I realize I am talking about a cat and a dog but they are our fur-babies and we like to make sure they feel at home in our home.

Anyway, in this room I am trying to decide what they best way to store everything is. I have a huge variety of things and I have been pinteresting like crazy to try and decide what to do. I think so far I have narrowed it down to a few different ideas.

You can find a tutorial for something like this at Lovely Little Details I couldn't find the original post for this. 

I LOVE mason jars. They are so easy to decorate with and super cute. I love using them around the house for decorations and I think they are great. So this idea is right up my ally and I am loving how the mason jars are attached to a nice piece of molding to add a little detail. 

You can find the instructions for this peg board as well as more craft room tutorials at Nest of Posies.

I really like peg boards. I think they are a great way to store a lot of stuff and the color of this one is gorgeous. I really like how she used little curtain rods to store ribbon and I think the paint at the bottom is really neat. She also feeds me love of mason jars on the left of the peg board. Those antique blue jars are gorgeous! 

You can find this bookcase tutorial and information over at I Heart Organizing

I have lots of bookcases on hand to organize the spare room/craft room with, right now everything has just been put on them in disarray. I love how she has put her wrapping paper on a shelf and used the other shelves to put all of her other wrapping tools in boxes. This is such a cute shelf the colors make it great decoration for any room as well as wonderful storage. 

These are three different concepts I definitely want to incorporate into my craft room in some way. These lovely ladies have given me great inspiration for my new room! I can't wait to get started now. 

Do you have any tips or suggestions on what to do for my craft room? 


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  1. That set up for wrapping paper in the last photo is a dream! Some great inspiration here!
    Corey @

    1. I completely agree! It is a great idea! Thanks for stopping by!