Friday, February 7, 2014

Peaks, Pits, Praises, Prayers

This has been a week of compromises. With the snow storm we have had all week I have missed a few days of work so I stayed home with Remy and worked on homework. Let me just tell you, our little princess is too smart for her own good already. I love the little bugger but as true to most German Shepherds she is so smart you can never fool her twice. She has already learned mine and Jarr's habits plus she knows which one of us is a sucker (usually me).

This is from our trip last summer to Montana, this is Glacier National Park. 

While we have been doing lots of training with her we are also just trying to get down the basics of potty training and no barking at Eli. If you missed the story about our new family member check it out.

So far Eli and Remy have been getting along better then I thought they would. They have started to play together which really is Remy jumping on top of Eli and him playing nice. Eli tries to sneak up on Remy when she's not watching and play with her tail. We still struggle with when its to rough and we can't play anymore, Remy doesn't understand that sometimes she bites a little to hard and it hurts Eli. He's gotten better about swatting her away though when she goes to far and they are both learning. I guess this is what its like when you become a real parent and everyone has to adjust. Especially if you have siblings involved.

Peaks: This week I got to spend two days at home and I only had to go to class for half of them. This made my week great. I was able to spend lots of time with Remy and Eli playing and getting to know each other. I also got to spend a lot more time with Jarr then I usually do in a week. That is always nice.

Pits: I missed two days of work this week so that means that my other three full days have been crazy and full. It also means that I'm going to be missing those hours when the next pay period rolls around and I will probably come to work tomorrow so that I can make up some hours.

Praises: I have lots of little small praises, we were safe during the storms this week and warm inside. We have not busted pipes and we had electricity during the entire storm. Also that Remy has decided when its freezing outside we can potty and come right back in, we don't have to explore. Its the weekend and I get to spend all of it with my sweet little family.

Prayers: We have a ball game to go to tomorrow for my little sister, just safe travels for everyone. Also we think Remy might have a UTI or bladder infection so we are going to the vet tomorrow morning. Hopefully our little girl is okay and its no big deal. We've just been having lots of problems with going potty and want to make sure its not something serious. Also I have lots of tests and papers due next week so just prayers for myself to get through the next week.

What are your Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers this week?


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