Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Life is Bittersweet

This week my little sister graduates high school. She is finally all grown up and about to venture into the real world. Well in the last week she has had numerous banquets and assemblies to celebrate the end of her school year and senior year. I have attended everything I possibly could and have enjoyed watching her celebrate her accomplishments with my mom and grandma.

Well yesterday was her senior assembly. We are from a small town so this is a big deal, everyone’s families come and the whole high school gets out to come. It’s all about the seniors and their achievements as well as the many memories they have from over the years. The assembly was great and she received some scholarships. It was nice to watch the slideshow of their school careers and see them as little baby Kindergartners to Seniors now.

This is us after senior assembly yesterday. 

If you don’t know about my family and life you can read about it in About Me. In short though my father isn't really in the picture anymore. For the last four years since he married his new wife he is checked out of our lives. The sucky part about this is that I have 3 sisters, my youngest sister is only my half-sister and we share the same dad. Her mom is totally out of the picture, which is a different story, so she lives with our dad and his wife. She is one grade below my sister that is graduating, they play sports together, are in the same clubs and activities, and they have a good relationship.

Me, my sister, and mom at her basketball senior night this year. 

This is where it gets tricky though, my father will come to all of the events my youngest sister is in and will cheer for her but not my other sister. He pretends she doesn't exist and completely ignores her. So this week as her senior week and having all of her final banquets and assemblies he hasn't been to one. Yesterday he missed senior assembly, he missed Baccalaureate on Sunday and her Academic banquet on Monday night.
Although we all pretend that everything is fine and we don’t mind how things are with our family sometimes that just isn't the case. In the process of cutting us out of his life my father has missed my sister’s entire high school career. All those games, assemblies, practices, camps, banquets, and memories he missed.  

Anyway, my little sister is upset. She is pretty good at hiding it but yesterday after senior assembly she was extremely upset that he didn't show up. This made my mom upset, because she can’t fix this, there is nothing that anyone can do that he doesn't care or want to be a part of our lives. This situation is making all of senior week very bittersweet for my family.

Now, my dilemma is what do I do if he shows up to graduation and then comes to her after party? She sent him an invitation and who knows if he will show up but what do I do if that happens. I can honestly say that I don’t want to be nice, I have some pretty choice words I would like to use to get him to leave. My older sister is livid and I know will say something if he shows up.

So what do you think? What would you say? I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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