Thursday, July 9, 2015

DIY Collage Wall

After getting married we moved to a new town and a new house. One of my most favorite things to do after moving is to decorate. I love unpacking all of our decorations and putting things up. This makes it feel like home so much quicker then almost anything else you can do. So in this house like in our old one I decided to put up a collage wall.

My best advice for putting up a collage wall is to find a center piece and make that the focal point. My center piece is a large sign I found a few years ago that I really loved. It is a good size and it gives the wall some structure.

From there I laid out all of the pieces I for sure wanted to use on the wall and then some extra one's that I could use also to fill in. This gave me a pretty good idea of what to put up and how to make things balance on both sides.

I like to use a variety of signs, crosses, pictures, and canvas art that I have for my collage wall. This gives the wall a nice variety and gives you the option to mix in your accent colors. I always try to find a couple of fun colors I can mix in on the whole wall that go with my room.

The best advice I can give you is to just stare at your wall and start with one piece. Then I add to each side until I think the wall looks complete. This isn't the best way I'm sure but its how my brain works. I need to see things up on the wall and sometimes this means that things get moved around and we have a few extra holes in the wall but that's how life is.

So this is my advice on having a collage wall, just go for it and if you have a few extra holes you can blame it on me and creativity!

What is your collage wall advice? If you have a collage wall please share a picture with me! I would love to see your masterpiece.


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