Friday, July 10, 2015

Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers

Its been a crazy time for the last month with all the getting married, honeymoon, and moving to a new town. We are definitely starting to get settled into the new house but things are still a little chaotic. I am so glad to finally be back in a normal schedule though and to be home. I am loving the married life and being home with my fur-babies right now. So now for my peaks, pits, praises, and prayers of the week.

Peaks- The rain has been SO nice this week, it has rained a little almost every day and we haven't had to water anything and its been really nice.

One of our gorgeous wedding photos! Our photographer and location were amazing!

Pits- The rain. Haha I know how does that make any sense with my peak. Well I haven't been able to get some of the things I really wanted to do done this week because of all the rain. But that's okay its been nice to just spend some time inside with my fur-babies.

Praises- That I have such an amazing husband who has been taking care of us and providing for us. I am so blessed to have such a great husband who is giving me the time to find a job that I really want.

Prayers- Jarr is taking a class this summer and has his first test tomorrow. That he passes and does well and doesn't stress himself out about everything.

What are your peaks, pits, praises, and prayers for the week?


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