Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wedding Wednesday Recap Part 2

If you missed the first edition of my Wedding Wednesday Recap you can find it here. Today I am sharing with you the second section of Wedding Wednesday posts. I'm going to be sharing my favorite part of each post and giving you a little more information about my wedding. To read all about my love story check out all about me and Jarr here.  Now on to the good stuff!

Week 7- Isle Decorations, this was so fun to look up and find ideas that I liked for our wedding ceremony. I didn't realize how complex some people make their isle decorations but it also made me really grateful that we are getting married outside in a gorgeous location. So little decorations are needed and that makes things a lot easier on us!

This is by far my most favorite isle decorations. I love the combination of the flower petals and the variety of candles together. I would definitely be doing this if we were having our wedding at night time or when the sun was setting. 

Week 8- How About That Party, this was really interesting for me to look into and see how much people legitimately spend on wedding receptions.  We are planning on having a small reception after the wedding at a house one of our families is staying in so we aren't spending very much money on decorations and it's going to be very informal. These receptions are all really gorgeous though, they just are way out of our price range. 

I really love the look of this reception with the lights hanging from the trees. I also like how it looks like all the centerpieces are small so you can actually see the people sitting across from you. This is by far my favorite reception that I found. 

Week 9- A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, like I said above we are having a small reception after the wedding and it will be at a house we are renting. So we are doing finger foods and sandwiches with our wedding cupcakes. We aren't spending a lot of money on food and our families are helping us make everything so it's going to save us a ton of money which is really nice. These all look like great ideas though and I think you could find affordable options.

I like the idea of having food platters set out for everyone to eat buffet style. This is what we will be doing and it seems like it will be the easiest option in our informal setting. I think that you can still have good food and a good time on a budget and that's what we are set out to do! 

Week 10- Let the Games Begin, since we are having an informal reception we aren't having dancing. So we have decided to make some different games for people to play and to entertain everyone. We thought this would be fun for everyone. 

I really love the idea of this giant Jenga game. I think this would be so much for to play and I'm trying to talk Jarr into making one for the wedding. Hopefully it will work! 

Week 11- Can I Get Your Autograph? I really didn't want to go with a traditional wedding book after seeing all of the cool ideas on pinterest and the blogosphere. So I had a lot of fun looking up different ideas for this post and really got some good inspiration. 

I really love the idea of having your guest sign a globe where they think you should travel too. I would love to have people do this and then try to actually travel to all of those places. I don't know if Jarr would be up for this, he doesn't like to travel. But I'm sure I could talk him into going with me! 

Week 12- Eat, Drink, and Be Married, this was a really fun thing for me to look up because we are wanting to have some fun drinks at our reception. This was a great way to get some good recipes and see how other people have displayed things. I really like the way all of these are set up and I'm looking forward to using this inspiration. 

I like the idea of having a variety of drinks for people. Some adult beverages thrown in and plenty of fun for everyone! I also love that these drinks all have labels so people know what they are. This is a must for me at any party. 

What was your favorite Wedding Wednesday post or the most helpful?


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