Thursday, May 24, 2012


Since I will be moving into a new apartment/house at the end of the summer I have been looking for lots of inspiration for the rooms of my new home. Thanks to Pintrest there are so many wonderful ideas out there right at our fingertips. So here are a few of my inspiration boards for my future home.

I love this room in general, the white couch with the trunk as a coffee table. I'm slightly obssessed with mixing dark and light things like this right now. I reallllllly love the number art on the wall though, This is a Pottery Barn picture from one of there old adds but Everything Mom has a tutorial for how to make your own numbered art.

I am in love with the color of this frame. What a gorgeous color! I love how they used it as a picture hanger. I think this is such a cool idea. Wouldn't it look great in my living room on a wall, or in a hallway. So many possiblities! Good Willionaire has a tutorial on how to make your own hanging picture frame just like this!

I know its probably a ridiculous notion to have a craft room this amazing in my college house/apartment but a girl can wish right. I am so impressed with everything about this room. The colors are gorgeous and I love that big table with the storage under it. I hope that someday I can have a craft froom this amazing. To find out all about her craft room go and check out Raising up Rubies blog, I am so amazed that her hubby made most of the things in this room. I might have to stick the boyfriend into a wood shop class, do they have those in college?

I adore this tree. What a fabulous idea to put a tree right there, it's unusual and spunky. I love it! How unique, I also really lilke the tangerine and turquoise together. I'm debating on having tangerine in my bedroom at the new place. To find out more about this room check out Kendall Wilkinson's blog over at Chinoiserie Chic.

This bench is just so cute, the shelves above it with the hooks, how perfect for an entry way! I love the baskets inside the cubies for storage and wicker is pretty much my favorite right now. I think this look is great, you can find out more about this bench and the entire laundry room makeover at Amanda Carol at Home!

What is your inspiration for home changes? I have so many I can't decide on what to do! Hopefully I can decide by the end of the summer. I will be spending my entire afternoon today baking cupcakes and cookies for my cousins graduation party. There will be recipes tomorrow and pictures. Have a wonderful day!

See you tomorrow

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