Friday, February 27, 2015

Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers

Well it’s Friday! My favorite day of the week. Today is a special day for my family because it’s my momma’s birthday. She is turning 50 today and just keeps getting better with age. So this weekend will be spent with the whole fam bam and we are having a big birthday party for all of the birthday’s this month. We have several, like 8 people whose birthday range from February 17th to March 5th so we are having one big celebration as long as a blizzard doesn’t come in and change any plans. Here are my peaks, pits, praises, and prayers for the week.

This is my beautiful momma, doesn't she look amazing for 50?!?!

Peaks- I got a new car on last Saturday! I was rear-ended on my commute home and it ended up totally my car in the process. But I’m looking at it with a positive note and enjoying the new car I got! It was a slightly frivolous purchase for me but I figured you are only young once so I should enjoy it, right?

It might be slightly frivolous but its so much fun and I'm absolutely in love with my car! 

Pits- it has been freezing cold outside here, like snowing and below freezing temperature all week and the snow is coming in today as well. So winter wonderland, I’m ready for it to be gone and to have spring again.

Praises- I’m praising the Lord that he kept me safe during my fender-bender and no one was injured. I have been seriously injured in a car accident before so it was a little terrifying. I’m also praising that everyone has been safe in this crazy weather. It has been pretty bad on the roads but for the most part people have kept the accidents low.

Here is a picture of my sweet Remy girl, she's such a snuggle bug! 

Prayers- As this crazy weather comes in today and all weekend in Oklahoma that everyone stays safe. That my family traveling in for our big birthday bash is careful and that if we all get stuck its together and we have a lot of fun.

What are your peaks, pits, praises, and prayers for the week?


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