Monday, March 2, 2015

How Our Love Story Began

Our love story starts like most do, boy see’s girl, seriously embarrasses himself falling over first base in the middle of a baseball game. Then after the game girl’s aunt decided to introduce said boy and girl and their entire families.

Just your typical love story of high school seniors awkwardly meeting for the first time while their whole families meet also. See the thing is, my aunt was Jarr’s high school counselor. He played on the same baseball team as my cousin and we spent most of our lives going to the same events and attending things together and never knowing it. So during baseball playoffs our senior year of high school my aunt introduced us. We awkwardly talked for a few days during the Regional tournament and then went on about our day

Our sophomore year of college. 

Here comes the clincher, I, myself the girl, text my cousin and told him that if Jarr asked for my number it would be okay to give it to him. I know, how romantic. But, the best part, Jarr had my cousin’s phone when I text him and read the message! Geez, I was so embarrassed!  I mean I was trying to be slick and play it cool and then that happens. Seriously, how embarrassing is that.

Another from our sophomore year. 

Anyway, I’m glad I made that first move because it obviously worked out. But at the time I was extremely embarrassed. So we started texting, and talking on the phone for a few weeks and then I somehow got coerced into being his prom date. Which we ended up not going to, we only went to the casino after prom party and then proceeded to play games with his dad all night at casino night.

But our first real date that Jarr asked me on was to go to church with him. That’s when I knew he was real contender and this could be more than just a summer fling before we both went off to college. So we went to church, but not regular church. Children’s Church. That’s right, Jarr was a Children’s church helper and that’s how we spent every Sunday for the first two years of our relationship. We had a blast going to church together and our kids, that’s what I always called them, were so much fun. We taught a 3 and 4 year old class and did arts and crafts with them during part of children’s church. During this time we learned so very interesting lessons from them.

The summer after our freshman year of college. 

So now you know how it all started, this is the beginning of our love story and here we are almost 5 years later.

What do you think about our interesting start? 

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