Monday, July 30, 2012

30 before 30

I have heard about people making lists of things they want to do before they are a certain age and I always though it was so cool. I realized the other day that hey I'm actually old enough to do that now. Before, when I still lived at home under my mom's rules it made things difficult because I was poor and I was still in high school and didn't have all of the freedoms I do now. So I decided that since I'm 20 and I have 10 years to accomplish these things why not try it.

So I am making a challenge for myself, some things are important to me and some are things most people want. This is some of my bucket list for myself but that would take a lot more time and pages to put it all up here. I will be blogging about all of the challenges as I am doing them and they are happening so I hope you will follow along.

Here is my list
  1. Graduate college
  2. Get a Master's degree
  3. Go to Europe
  4. Scuba dive 5 times (5 separate trips)
  5. Buy a Mac
  6. Go on a girls trip
  7. Go to Vegas
  8. Blog every day for a month
  9. Work at a summer camp
  10. Buy a plane ticket to the first place available and go
  11. Volunteer every Saturday for 3 months somewhere
  12. Plan the wedding of my dreams
  13. Have a successful career (my own definition of successful) 
  14. Live in another state
  15. Have date night once a week for a year
  16. Go on a cruise
  17. Go backpacking
  18. Start/finish writing a book
  19. Go to New York City
  20. Visit the coasts
  21. Run a 5K
  22. Give something to a total stranger
  23. Go on a mission trip
  24. Donate to a charity
  25. Teach a Sunday School class/children's church
  26. Start a family
  27. Make a quilt 
  28. Try a new recipe every week for a year

If I have finished something I will strike through it and if I am currently working on something I will put it in italics.
What would be on your list?


  1. This is a great list! I have done some of the things on your list, all before I was 30. I would still like to do some of them. Perhaps I can do them before I am 40. Better start working on that - I only have 9 years! O_o

  2. From a gal who did over half of your list before 3-0...I am routing for you. I would suggest accomplishing most of it before a mom of 5 now I recommend doing pretty much everything on your list before #28 ;)

    I'm I-N-spir-ed and will be encouraging my girls to make lists plus make one of my own!

    Good Luck!

  3. Number 12! Awesome. :) I would suggest hiking/camping - connecting with nature is unforgettable.

  4. Love this post! A lot of that is on my list too! I may have to make one of these myself! New follower from the GFC Hop.


  5. I love this and I need to do it! Lets link up soon ;)

  6. Stopping back by to thank you for sharing this on Marvelous Mondays, Morgan! Have a great rest of the week. :)