Thursday, June 21, 2012

Desk Pinspiration

I have a desk that my mom got me at an auction for like $8. It's a really nice wooden desk that has been taken pretty good care of. I love the desk but I hated the light color of the wood. All of the wood furniture I have is darker so it doesn't match at all. I have decided to paint it but I'm just not quite sure what to do on  the design of it. I think it will end up being a cream color and I know what my handles will look like but I'm just not sure about much else except that I know I want to do something fun to it. So I've been all over Pinterest looking at furniture to try and decide what I think will go best with my room and what I like the best.

I love how this dresser has bright drawers. I think it makes it so unique and its very unexpected that it will be hot pink when you pull out a drawer. I am really digging this color pop and it might be something I have to do. I'm not sure about sticking though, would the drawers stick awfully bad if they were painted like this? To check out this dresser and see more Johnny Egg funiture go check out his website.

I adore yellow, I have an obsession with it and I want to make everything yellow. However, I think people would call me crazy if they walked in to an all yellow house with some other bright colors as accents. So I have to push down my urge to paint everything yellow and I go for cream and soft colors so the yellow I do have isn't so overwhelming your eyes hurt from looking at it. I think this yellow desk is lovely, I love the hand on the middle drawer of the desk and I just want to take this home. The crazy part is this is very similar to the design of my desk so maybe it will end up yellow. To get this desk go and check out Minthome on Etsy, you won't leave without buying something. Their shop is amazing!

How cute are these? Adorable right, when I first looked at them I thought holy moly someone must have super strength to stack them like that. Nope they are jewlrey boxes. I was so impressed when I realized they are just little boxes, they look like pieces of furniture and I think they are gorgeous. I really like how they all have their own little touch of uniqueness. Go and see Happy Day Vintage to see the transformation of these lovlies and make sure to check out her Etsy shop Happy Day Vintage.

This one is my favorite, it has yellow knobs which go with my yellow obsession but I also love the stencil. I think I will end up doing something similar to this in the end. I love the gray, white, and yellow together. That is kind of what my room will be in my knew home. I couldn't find a blog for this photo but I'm sure it comes from one so if you know please leave me a comment with its home! This photo took me to Casasugar and their how to transform a dresser series go and check out all the ideas they have!

So what do you think? Do you have any ideas for my desk redo?

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  1. I like the yellow desk as well as the last one. Perhaps if you did something similar to the last one, you could paint the inside of the drawers yellow!

  2. what great desk inspiration! now i want a brightly colored desk in my house.

  3. Thanks for sharing at Creative Things Thursday!