Monday, June 18, 2012

Ocean Air

I love vacations, they are so much fun and I always look forward to getting to spend time with my family. We are loud and crazy Oklahoman's with accents but we have a ball together and I wouldn't trade them for anything. This past week we were in Cozumel together and spent a lot of time laying by the pool, swimming in the ocean, and shopping. We were so happy when we got there that we met some other Oklahoman's and we got to all watch the Thunder games together while we were there. Those were some fun nights in the hotel lobby.

We spent the first day of the trip just laying by the pool and relaxing which we all needed, on Tuesday we made plans for the week and decided to head to the plaza before the Thunder game and do some shopping. Which I would just like to say we do very well, we all came back with lots of goodies! Then we headed to Margaritaville to watch the game with the rest of the Okie's we met.

This is all of us (except my mom, she took the picture) headed to the plaza to do some shopping.

Here Jarr and I are sporting some nice hats.

This is us at Margaritaville, they gave us little captain hats.

On Wednesday four of us went scuba diving, which was a blast. I love scuba diving, its such a great adventure. I don't have any picture from that yet but we took an underwater camera so we have some. The rest of the group went to Dolphine Adventure and got to swim with dolphins! My little sister Corey said this was a blast, she really wanted to see dolphins while we were on the trip. We went back into the plaza again to do some more shopping. We also ate at a little mexican resturant that had some incredible seafood. I was very happy about this.

This was at the Mexican resturant, they always want to put hats on you.

We thought this building was so neat, there were men on the street who had similar paintings you could buy.

Thursday we did a lot of lounging around and enjoyed our last full day together, we ate at the fancy resturant on the resort and got all dressed up then we took family pictures on the beach which turned out amazing.

This is before the dinner, I love taking pictures with him. :)

This is my grandma with all of her grandkids. I know how blessed I am to have these 7 people in my life. My grandma is such an amazing woman and my cousins are more like sisters and brother to me then cousins. We had a blast together this week and I know its a trip we will always remember.

Friday we came home, my two sisters had different flights then us so they left early and we didn't leave until 1. Then when we got to Houston our flight was delayed and we ended up having a 5 hour layover. We finally got home around 2 Saturday morning. It was a long day of traveling but well worth it. I had such a great time with my wonderful family and I can't wait for more vacations with them.

How was your week?

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  1. wow, this looks like such a fun trip! i love margaritaville, it's my fav :) and your family is seriously so good looking. like all of you, good genes!

    xx brie

  2. What a beautiful family you have! and how wonderful that you see each other regularly and have fun together, this is very inspiring!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful vacation! Thank you for sharing your fond memories and beautiful photos at our Summer BBQ Bash!