Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wedding Wednesday Recap Part 1

It is Wedding Week on the blog because I'm getting married this week! Make sure you find out all about our love story here and keep up with all the projects that I have done so far for the wedding. Today I am going to share a recap of every Wedding Wednesday and my favorite design every week.

Week 1- Bouquets in a Pinterest World was perfect while I was trying to decide on what flowers and colors I wanted to use for my own wedding bouquets. I had some ideas going in to it but I really decided what to do with my flowers after this post. To find out exactly how I did my flowers check out making your own wedding bouquet for my tutorial.

These were by far my favorite bouquet in my post. I really love how there is blue in the flowers and of course since my flowers are blue with my wedding colors this really inspired me to make my bouquet with some blue in it. 

Week 2- The Dress, this post I wanted to help out any future brides with the mess of dress shopping. It can definitely be a disaster and take on a life of its own. After my dress shopping experience I thought of Carrie in Sex and The City and how she said that the dress takes on a life of its own in her wedding to Big. I think that can definitely be the case sometimes but you have to go into it knowing that you might get upset and frustrated.

I really love this dress. When I first went wedding dress shopping I did not want a ball gown. They are huge and poofy and I didn't want one. But I really like how elegant this dress is. It's also very simple and because its not taffeta it is my favorite kind of ball gown. 

Week 3- Choosing Colors, one of the most difficult choices I think during wedding planning can be picking your colors. Once you decide on them their is no turning back if you have started purchasing things. I think that their are some amazing color combinations out there and some really hideous ones. So I follow the theory if you would decorate your home or a room with those colors together then they work together. 

I really love these colors together, I think they work really well and this is such a neat combination that most people don't think of. I really like this and hope I go to a wedding soon that uses it. 

Week 4- Location of Love, when you are deciding on a venue their are many things you have to take into consideration. I say, pick the one you fall in love with and then make everything else work. Now this isn't always practical but you only get married once right. 

I really love how this location has the lights, the flowers, and the trees. This is a great outside venue and I'm sure their are amazing pictures from this wedding. I would really love to see them because I'm sure they are gorgeous. 

Week 5- Favors vs No Favors, this post was really important to me and helped me make some decisions about what kind of wedding favors we were going to give out. I definitely got inspiration from these ideas and I love how unique each one is. We are firm believers in wedding favors and I really enjoyed making ours for our guests. 

I really love the idea of giving out sun glasses especially for a summer outside wedding. It can get hot and be bright so this is a great idea. You can also get them personalized with your wedding information on them and that would be a great keep sake for people! 

Week 6- Having Our Cake and Eating It Too, picking out wedding cakes was a really fun thing for me and Jarr. We went to a few different places and did tastings which is a blast if the cake is good and really terrible if it isn't. We had both experiences but we are so glad we did it so we could get exactly what we wanted.

I really love the idea of doing something different then a traditional wedding cake which is why we decided to go with something different. We are really happy with our choice and I'm sure it will be delicious! 

This is part 1 of our Wedding Wednesday recap. Which is your favorite post so far?


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