Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wedding Wednesday- Choosing Colors

If this is your first week with us for Wedding Wednesday make sure and check out week one- Bouquets in a Pinterest World and week two- The Dress. This is all about my journey to the big day and how I made my choices and the advice I have learned along the way.

Today I'm going to talk about something that is very important to your wedding, the colors. For some people this is a very hard choice, as you will find out when you get engaged everyone has an opinion about your wedding and how it should be. Jarr and I decided to just do what we want and that means that I get to make most of the decisions about everything and we just ignore everyone else. I know that sometimes the pressure comes from unexpected places like in-laws, siblings, and the bridal party. So my advice on this is to do what you want, after all, it is YOUR big day. As long as the bride and groom are happy then it doesn't really matter what anyone else wants.

I love this color combo and in the right location this could be absolutely stunning. I am a huge fan of coral and of navy. This is also very popular right now as coral is a very "in" color. 

Yellow is and has always been my favorite color. It reminds me of sunshine and makes me happy. I have lots of yellow things on my desk at work to keep me happy throughout the day so this for me would be a natural choice. I also love the yellow paired with purple. I never would have thought to pair these colors together but they work quite well. 

This is the color pallet my best friend/MOH did at her beach wedding and it was gorgeous. The purple and blue go together extremely well and look gorgeous in pictures. I however would not choose this because they were the colors in my best friends wedding and I like to be different. 

So I have a fairly large personality, I come from a big loud family and because of that (that's what I blame) I am a very loud person. I LOVE this color combination. I think these colors go amazing together and I really like the combination, I never would have thought to pick tangerine and fuchsia to go with turquoise but I reminds me of the beach. I feel like it is very summery and beachy and it makes me want an umbrella drink. 

This shade of red is extremely popular right now. They are saying it is the color of the season and I think we are in for many things in this color coming the fall season. I think its to dark for a summer wedding though and therefore it wouldn't be my choice. I do really like how they have paired it here with a rustic theme.

So my advice for brides-to-be, chose whatever you and your groom will be happiest with. This day isn't about anyone else and it needs to be special for you. So do what you want and everyone else will get over it.

What colors would you chose? Any advice for brides to be?


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