Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wedding Wednesday- Location of Love

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One of the hardest decisions when you are planning your wedding is where to host the event. There are so many options available for brides today. The hardest part for us to decide on was whether we wanted a big wedding in Oklahoma or a destination wedding somewhere with just our close family and friends. So after much debate we decided what was best for us but not after several hours of research on both options.

Once we decided where we wanted to have our wedding then came the choice of inside, outside, barn, church, field, amphitheater, wedding location, or family venue. The possibilities are endless and in our Pinterest world every girl has probably pinned all of these ideas. 

Like most girls I have a picture in my head of what I think my wedding should be like. I am learning though that the picture in my head isn't necessarily what I want but what I think people expect of me. I'm very lucky that Jarr has been amazing support during this wedding whirlwind and given me the space to decide what I really want and not what I think I should do because people expect it. 

Let me tell you a secret, I am from what I consider the South. I have a very strong sense of family responsibility and like a lot of families sometimes they try to use that against me to get what they want. This has been my biggest struggle during this wedding planning adventure. Sometimes I worry that I will be letting everyone down by not doing what they want and that really bothers me. I think this is a struggle that a lot of brides have. I got really lucky that my partner in life understands this and supports me while I'm struggling. He gives me the time to get over this and then ultimately he encourages me to do what I really want. 

So after browsing Pinterest for a few thousand hours and looking at all of the gorgeous options I decided to do what I want. The best part of having a wedding is getting to marry my best friend. So I talked to Jarr, I told him all of my concerns and fears and we decided together where to have the wedding. We made the choice that was plaguing me together as a couple and it made things so much better and easier for me.

So my advice about this is to speak to your future spouse, decide together on where you will get married. This wedding isn't about your mom's, grandma's, family, or friends; it's about the two of you celebrating your relationship and staring your marriage where you want. So decide as a couple, in the end it is much less stressful and you will be at peace with the decision.

I know you are thinking but what about my family and what if they are upset. Well let me tell you, my family made no attempt to hide the fact that they were unhappy about our wedding venue but it doesn't matter. I didn't do it for them, I did it for me and Jarr. Its our future and he becomes my family and the most important person in my life on the day we say I do. I will put my husband first once we are married and its a lot easier if you start now in the planning when everyone wants a say.

So good luck on the planning, I hope that I have been some form of relief. Do you have any questions about my wedding planning? What is your biggest struggle so far?


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