Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wedding Wednesday- Having our Cake and Eat it Too

As a major sweet tooth I take our wedding dessert very seriously. I am an avid connoisseur of desserts in all forms and flavors. I enjoy the chocolate variety, as well as fruity, creamy, sweet, tart, and sometimes I even go for sour. So when Jarr and I started planning our wedding this was something that was on the top of my list.  To find out the other things we have pursued in our wedding planning process check out all the other Wedding Wednesday posts about my bouquet, my dress, choosing colors, picking a location, and wedding favors.

In our Pinterest world there are so many options for wedding cakes, wedding cupcakes, candy bars, and wedding desserts of all varieties. So I'm going to compile a small list of options for your wedding planning needs. We have chosen a small variety from all of these options and we really enjoyed all of the cake tasting we were able to do for this endeavor.


I LOVE the idea of a candy bar, this is something that will really meet the needs of every person who attends your wedding. There is a variety of options as you can see above and they have done a wonderful job of displaying everything here to look very pretty which is always a good idea. This would be really fun to do with bright wedding colors and a great way to bring in your colors at your reception without spending a lot of money.


For the breakfast lover/donut lover this is a great option. I though this was very unique and fun for a wedding cake. I love how some of the donuts are iced in what I'm guessing is a wedding color. This is such a fun idea and something that would also work well as a grooms cake.


Of course I had to show a traditional wedding cake, but these colors. Man, are they gorgeous or what. I love the teal and pinks together, they complement each other so well and I also love how this cake is ombre. Also, the stand the cake is sitting on is so feminine and pretty, it looks like a family heirloom.


Now this is the kind of cake that Jarr would be all over, he loves his pie. This is something he would be super excited about. I like how they have a variety of pies in different flavors and how they did mini pie tins and now just different big pies. This reminds me of the mini pumpkin pies my grandma used to make us for thanksgiving when I was a kid.


Here is another take on a desert bar, I love that there is obviously a large variety of delicious desserts available for everyone. The hardest part about this would be choosing which dessert to eat. All of these look yummy and like they would please any wedding goer.

What desserts did you pick for your wedding? Did you have your cake and eat it too?


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