Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wedding Wednesday- The Dress

I'm starting a new weekly post about weddings. All things wedding will be discussed on Wednesday's, if you have anything you would like to hear about please leave a comment about it and I will work it in! Last week I talked about wedding bouquets in my post about bouquets in a Pinterest World.  So to if you missed it make sure and check it out!

So today I'm going to talk about my dress, how my shopping experience went and all of the people I took with me. First let me tell you a secret, something I wish someone would have shared with me. Take people who will tell you the truth, not people who will be mean but people who you trust to be honest about how a dress looks on your body. It makes a world of difference. Also, do NOT take 13 people, it is stressful and overwhelming. Trust me, I did that the first time and it was too much.

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So my first shopping experience with wedding dresses I took my mom, my grandma, 3 sisters, my best friend/MOH, my two aunts, cousin, future mother-in-law, future grandmother-in-law, future aunt-in-law, and future cousin-in-law. Why yes that is 13 people, I didn't exactly think it all out and then it just got out of hand and I couldn't stop it. In a nut shell it snowballed out of control.

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I went to David's Bridal, which has mixed reviews. But I went in the middle of the week and scheduled an appointment. My consultant was amazing, for real he was super sweet and fun. I would highly suggest him to anyone, if you like in Oklahoma hit me up for his details.

Anyways, after trying on several dresses I finally found the one! I loved it, it was pretty and lace and had a gorgeous key hole back. Or so I thought, after I purchased, yes PURCHASED, this dress I got home and found out it was the EXACT same dress my older sister wore in her wedding. So I slept on it, well I tried to sleep on it. For two days I couldn't sleep and I had major anxiety about this dress.

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So after talking to my mom I returned the dress and shopped again. This time only my mom, one aunt, and two sisters came. It was so much better, they were very honest and supportive and I found my dress that I absolutely am madly in love with. I am so happy with this dress and knew as soon as I put it on. There was no doubt and I have no regrets, its been two months and I still love my dress. Another piece of advice I have, never tell the consultant that there is something that you don't want to try. I told him the only thing I didn't want and it ended up being the exact kind of dress I took home.

David's Bridal was amazing about letting me exchange my dress and everything was straight across the board. So I got a second dress which I absolutely love and cannot wait to wear. It was made for me, I really feel like it was. So my advice is that if you have any doubts, its not your dress. Seriously, I am so glad that I went back and got a different dress. I think that would have really bothered me, having my sisters dress just made it less special. I know that might be dramatic but I just couldn't get over it.

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So now that I have my dress, mine only. I am so happy with my choice and I have such relief knowing that it is mine and it is taken care of. So my advice in a nut shell; don't take a big crowd, try on every style of dress, and if you have any doubts then keep trying them on.

What was your dress shopping experience? Any horror stories or any more advice?


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