Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wedding Wednesday- Bouquets in a Pinterest World

As you read about in Our Next Big Step we are getting hitched. For me the hardest part so far has been to decide what direction I want to go with the theme and over all concept of our big day. So I have a confession, I have a pinterest addiction. I am an addict, I could spend hours every day planning the rest of my life on pinterest and never actually doing anything.

So like every bride to be in our Pinterest world I have pinned away every idea I come across that I may like for our wedding. I have like 15 (slight exaggeration) wedding boards right now. So today I'm going to share with you all of my inspiration for my wedding bouquet.

I love the different colors in this bouquet, and the textures. I also really love how it is wrapped with twine. I'm on a twine kick myself right now. I got this from Style Me Pretty. 

Like any other Southern girl I love myself some pearls. Some people might not consider Oklahoma Southern but us Okie's do. I really like the different textures of this bouquet as well but the pearls, well they steal the show for me. I found this at Brides of Adelaide.

I also have a great love with Peonies, they are my favorite flower and I really want them to be in bouquet. Also, royal blue is my color of choice right now. I have a serious problem with buying and wanting everything in royal blue. So these flowers are gorgeous and I like how it has the little blue berries in it also. I found this over at Sayles Livingson Flowers

So far these three are my top picks, I'm sure that whatever I decide will be much different then all of these but will have little pieces from them all. 

What do you think? Which bouquet is your favorite? 


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