Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WW- Let the Games Begin

Last week on Wedding Wednesday we talked about the party and how you are going to feed or not feed your guest at the reception. To catch up on all the previous Wedding Wednesday's you can read them here. One thing we also talked about was dancing at your reception and how this can be a major expense. So today I'm going to share with you a few different games that could also be available at your reception for people who don't like to dance or as an alternative all together to dancing. 

As it's known in the south, Corn Hole is a very popular game and like the above boards show you could easily customize these for your big day. This is a fun game that many people can play and you can really enjoy it while hanging out with friends. 

Most of us remember this game from our childhoods. It is stressful and takes critical thinking, but it is also a lot of fun to play and looks super easy to make on your own. You could easily customize this to your wedding colors and have this match the theme of your wedding.

The ring toss is an American favorite. It is something that we have all tried at a fair or carnival and tried to win a goldfish. This would also be very easy to customize in your wedding colors and also to make a bigger version then the one above. This would be fun to set up and see if people could make a little competition of who can get the most rings on a bottle. 

Another American classic is the ball toss. This could very easily be set up and would make for an interesting challenge for people of all ages. You could also make this customized by putting different colors, your monograms, or anything that might fit with your theme on the cans. 

Giant Jenga is something that my family already does together when we have the opportunity. You could also write funny things to do on each Jenga piece. So whoever pulls out that piece has to do whatever it says on the piece. These could be funny challenges like do the chicken dance, or walk and quack like a duck for 30 seconds.

And last but not least something for people of all ages. This checkers board could be set up anywhere and would be a fun game for anyone to play. This board/blanket I believe is available on Amazon and you could make the checkers out of plates and paint them your two wedding colors to follow along with the theme you have. 

Will you have games at your wedding reception? Which one is your favorite? 


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