Thursday, March 12, 2015

Be Like Carrie

I have always had a slight obsession with Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City. I used to love the show and watched it constantly growing up. I still watch reruns every chance I can and I loved The Carrie Diaries while it was running. One of my favorite things about Carrie Bradshaw is her style and the fashion you got to see on the show.

I found this cute outfit here.  I love the combo of sweater and cute skirt. 

I believe that every girl has an inner Carrie that they channel when they pick out clothes and decide what to wear. But sometime for whatever reason we suppress our Carrie so that we don't stand out, or dress in something other people might not like. So I am challenging myself to be more like Carrie and to stand out, to embrace my inner style and to not worry about what other people think.

I also love Blake Lively and her style is something I really relate to. This outfit is gorgeous and I could totally see myself wearing it. I found this here. 

So for a while I have had a pinterest board called Be Like Carrie  where I pin outfits that I like. Its to give me inspiration and to give myself ideas on how to expand my inner style. So I'm encouraging all of you to be more like Carrie and to let your inner style shine.

I love the combo of maxi skirt and a scarf with a tank. Everything about this outfit is simple but when you put it together it looks so good. The link to this outfit didn't work, this is my only issue with Pinterest. 

So these are three very different looks but they are all classic and I love the style of all of them for different things. For me this is what inner style is about, finding what fits you and wearing what goes with your attitude for the day. I'm on a journey to find my personal style and to incorporate some good pieces into my wardrobe.  

What is your inner style? Do you let it shine or do you try to stay in whatever the norm for your lifestyle is?


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