Thursday, March 5, 2015

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

 When I was young we used to play this computer game in elementary school. It was a reward we got for things in class. You went on adventures with Carmen all over the world and tried to solve mysteries and figure out where you were.

This was during my senior trip in Australia. 

I've always had a touch of wonderlust but this increased greatly when I visited Australia and New Zealand as my high school graduation present. 2 weeks in the great countries weren't nearly enough time to really get to explore. I have a longing desire to travel the world and immerse myself in other cultures.

This was in Australia on one of our last days. 

So I am working diligently to convince Jarr that we should travel all over the world together and learn about other cultures and go on adventures. I know that I will get him to give in to some places I want to adventure to, others however, he isn't so keen on going to.

All of this to say that we will be traveling in a few weeks to our possible wedding destination to try out the food, cakes, and adventures. I am very excited for our trip and looking forward to learning about a new place even if it is in my great states of America.

Do you have a touch of wonderlust? Where would you like to travel? 


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