Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Traveling in Style

Tomorrow Jarr and I are going to Colorado for a few days with his family. We are going to spend a few days exploring and possibly making some decisions about the wedding. Last week I talked about how I have decided to Be Like Carrie and really challenge myself with my fashion choices everyday. So I am going to show you some of my inspiration for my suitcase as I am packing for our trip. The weather is going to be a little cooler then it is right now in Oklahoma so I'm bring out some of my favorite winter weather gear to wear.

For me this is a classic winter weather outfit and it is warm and comfy. This style of outfit will definitely be in my suitcase. I love wearing scarves and my boots with a cute sweater that isn't to heavy. In Oklahoma you can definitely get to hot with the weather changing constantly but I should be safe in this outfit in Colorado. 

I also seriously love wearing my chucks and colored jeans. I am a huge fan of chucks so this is very in line with what I will be packing, I will probably throw a cardigan or flannel shirt over this outfit just to make sure I am warm while we do our adventuring. 

I also love wearing basics like this and mixing them together. This is always good when traveling that way you can mix up your outfits and still look different every day. This makes packing easier and gives you the option of bringing some fun scarves or necklaces to really make a statement for the outfit. To see what I end up wearing every day make sure to follow me on Instagram  as MissMo4 where I will be cataloging our adventures.  

What are some of your traveling favorites? Which outfit would you wear? 


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