Friday, March 13, 2015

Peaks, Pits, Praises, Prayers

Well its my favorite day of the week, Casual Friday!!! So I might have taken big advantage of it today and rocked a baseball cap to work, BUT it's a cute hat. This week has been a hot mess of not being home until after 10 every night and going straight from work to the hospital. My grandma is in the hospital and she was diagnosed with COPD, which for those of you like me who don't know medical terms that is basically lung disease. 

If you like my hat check out Sister Act 3 for other styles! And yes this is a work bathroom selfie. :) 

My grandma has been a smoker for almost 50 years, she hates the doctor, needles, medicine, being away from home, and generally anything associated with the medical field. So this has been an interesting experience for all of my family. My family is very close as I have talked about several times before so this is hard on all of us. 

Today I'm rocking the chucks and boyfriend jeans.
Another big thing happening right now for my family, I told you a long time ago about a New Adventure  we were starting. Well my aunt has had a clothing store for the last 8 months in my hometown. She was renting a building but has recently bought a building and the grand opening is tomorrow! I am so incredibly proud of her and this adventure she has started on, plus I am having an amazing time helping getting merchandise for the store and myself. ;)

My new purse that also came from Sister Act 3! 

So this week I've had a lot going on and I have a big list of Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers. 

Peaks: Getting to spend so much time with my family, even though its in a hospital with my grandma all of us being together has really been a wonderful blessing. We are one week closer to wedding time and next week we are meeting with photographers! 

Pits: I haven't been home before 10 almost every night this week, so I miss Jarr and I miss my fur babies. We haven't seen much of each other and its definitely been hard. Plus I really miss sleep. 

My sweet girl waiting for me to get in bed. 

Praises: My aunt is having her grand opening for her new store tomorrow! We are so incredibly blessed everything came together so quickly and she had so much help from amazing friends to get everything ready to open. Also, that my grandma did finally go to the doctor and is getting the help and care she needs to become healthier. 

Prayers: That my grandma will listen to her doctors, quit smoking, and start living a healthier life. That my aunt will be successful with her new business adventure and that she will continue to enjoy what she is doing. Also, that Jarr and I don't forget what all this wedding madness is really about, becoming husband and wife. 

What are your Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers for the week? 

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