Thursday, March 26, 2015

Living Room Lust

As I talked about last week in my post about Out Door Living, Jarr and I are in the process of trying to purchase our first home. So of course Pinterest to the rescue, I have been checking out lots of home ideas and lusting over these gorgeous living rooms. I have so many ideas for our future home and I can't wait to get to work! I am really struggling with what color options to go with for our home so any advice would be great!

As I've mentioned before yellow is my favorite color and I really love it paired with these light blues. Also that coffee table is gorgeous, the metal and wood combination is great.

These floors though, for real I am seriously lusting over these floors. The color, the details, the imperfectness of them is all spot on. I also love how all of the wood work is white except for the floors. This is definitely what I would like for our living room. 

I really like neutrals, if you haven't noticed I am fan of them in my living room. I really like the variety of textures in this living room and the fun pattern on the rug. It adds something extra and I'm definitely a fan. 

The natural light in this living room is amazing. The first thing that caught my eye was the rug though, I love the striped rug but I don't think it would last in my house of muddy paws and gray cat hair. Something about black or white just doesn't seem to work well in our home but I keep trying to incorporate it. Hopefully, fingers crossed someday it will work out for me.

Which one of these living rooms are you lusting over? What do you like the most about your living room?


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