Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big Girl Kitchen

As most of you know I am moving into my own apartment at the end of the summer and will be living by myself. To find out more about that you can see my Amazing Blessings and check out my Apartment Pinspiration. So for the first time in my life I will have a home all to myself to decorate and fill with all of my lovelies. Unfortunately this means no sharing of dishes, furniture, bathroom things, and clothes. So I have the opportunity to now get new things for these areas of my life. Every kitchen I have ever used has always had someone elses dishes in it. Now, I have my own dishes, Jarr bought me some for our anniversary and I was really excited about it! I know, who gets excited about dishes? This girl right here who has been crushing on these dishes for a year but couldn't spend the money for no reason.

These are the dishes he got me and I am so excited to use them! I love square dishes and my kitchen is going to be in red so this is perfect. (Yes, these are just from Wal-Mart but they are great) I think Jarr did a great job getting me these babies. He also got me some baking pans and mixing bowls, such a good boyfriend! Now on to bigger and more expensive things. I need some cookware, as in pots. I have never bought pots before so I really have no idea what to look for here. I want some that are heavy duty and will last, I don't want cheap one's that will scorch my food or be useless in a few months. I like to cook and I want good pots that will help me make wonderful food. So I need your help, I'm asking for the advice of women and men who cook everywhere.

This is Paula Deen's nonstick cookware, it is 12 pieces and you can get it at Wal-Mart. It obviously doesn't have everything I will need ever to cook with but it has the basics and that is what I'm looking for right now. Now I love Paula, I think she is a great cook and I love her stuff but these have some mixed reviews.

This is Bialetti Aeternum cookware from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It is 10 pieces and pretty much the same as Paula's above. It only had one review and the lady loved it so that's a plus. I like the white on the insides of the pots, I think that's really cool.

This is KitchenAid Porcelain Red 12 piece Nonstick Cookware set off of overstock. For the most part this got really good reviews. People said it wasn't really heavy but still cooked like heavy cookware and the glass lids were really nice for looking at your masterpiece without taking off the lid. You can view this at Overstock.

So now I need your help, what is your favorite cookware? If it is different from these where did you get it? I'm not looking to spend a whole lot of money here as I am just a college student but I would like to get quality cookware since I do a lot of cooking. I would love any and all feedback you have! Thank you so much!

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