Friday, July 13, 2012

Peaks, Pits, Praises, Prayers

I still haven't heard back from any of the jobs I applied to but I have applied for a very interesting internship. I am really hoping that works out, it would be a great opportunity for my career. We will see what happens and I will keep you updated. This week has been very busy for me, I have done something every day after work and I'm ready to go home after work today and relax. I've been behind on some of my projects because of this but I plan on working on them tomorrow.

Today at work it is one of my coworkers last day. He has worked here for 12 years and accepted a job that will be better for his career and family. We all understand that this is a great opportunity but it is definitely going to change things in my office. A lot of things are being shifted and responsibilities are being handed out. It will be interesting to see the changes that come in the next few weeks before I leave. I only have a few short weeks left at this job and then its time to move on to new things. I am a little worried about the new adventures ahead of me but I know it is for the best. I have to do what is right for my future and sometimes that means not doing the easy thing. It will be hard to leave this job, I've worked here for 2 years and I am very comfortable here, I've also made a lot of friends in my office and it will be sad to leave them.

Yesterday I decided to do something that I normally wouldn't do. I took a leap of faith and text my best friend from high school. We have been friends since we were 5 but after we graduated and went to different colleges we just kind of drifted apart. We both joined sororities, had boyfriends, and were busy with work and school. We never had a fight or any reason to stop talking, it just kind of happened and the weeks of  not talking turned into two years.

This was us on our way to our senior prom.

Well my older sister got engaged this year and the first person I text was Kyleigh. She's been my best friend my whole life, and I knew she would understand better then anyone how exciting and scary it was. So we talked for a long time yesterday, about  how much we missed each other and how we wanted our friendship back. I am so happy to say that we have made plans to have dinner and get all caught up. A lot of things have changed in the last two years, we have both changed but she will always be my best friend. Even when we weren't talking I knew I could call her for anything, we have always had a special relationship and it was sad to see us drift apart. So I am excited to see her again and reconnect, so much has happened in our lives the last two years and the more I think about it I realize how much I've missed having her to share everything with.

This is a picture of us at our graduation party, yep we were those best friends that did everything together. I can honestly say I don't have one good memory from high school that she isn't in, we always did everything together and supported each other when we weren't in the activity.

Now onto the important stuff that you want to know about. ;)

Peaks of the week- this week has been great, so many good things have happened. Talking to Kyleigh is my biggest one this week, setting up plans to have dinner and reconnect is such a big deal for us and I'm so excited for it. Also, getting my apartment this week and knowing I have a place to live is such a relief. I also got a hair cut this week that I LOVE so much! I am really excited about it, I decided to be adventurous with it and I'm really glad I did.

Pits of the week- my older sister Mal, got her storage unit broken into this week and someone stole all of her clothes and shoes. I know, who the heck would do that? She had TVs, couch's, home decor, a washer and dryer in there and all they took was every article of clothing in the place. Also, Jarr's air conditioner has decided it only wants to work half of the time so it didn't work most of yesterday but came back on last night. It's being so weird this summer and last summer it was a lot hotter so I don't know what its deal is.

Praises of the week- I am praising God for providing an apartment for me. I am praising God for making me humble and giving me the courage to text Kyleigh. I am also praising God for the many blessing he gives me everyday that I take for granted, walking, having food to eat, having a job, being healthy, and the amazing people in my life.

Prayers for the week- I pray that I have the patience to not loose all of my hair before God provides the right job for me. I am praying that God helps Mal either find all of her clothes or provides a way for her to restock on winter clothes.

What are your Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers? 
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  1. Morgan,

    Thanks for linking up at Fabulous Friday's and following my blog. Yours is really cute! I can relate to some of your pitfalls as well. I'm a current college student and I feel like I've been trying to find my path for the longest time. I currently work part-time and I also love crafting.

    That's awesome that you are reconnecting with your best friend. My longest friendship I have is with Julie at Jam's Corner. We went to high school together and even worked together at one point. She lives down in Palm Beach now. I really need to visit. :)

    Anyhow, I hope you have a great weekend and I wanted to thank you for stopping by. :)


  2. Good luck on the job front! Finding careers kind of stinks, especially nowadays.AND there is nothing better than rekindling old friendships. Funny how life can get in the way of good things sometimes. Happy weekend!