Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coffee Table Pinspiration

I'm going to start this off with a little rant, I normally don't do this but today I need it. I have been getting everything ready for my apartment and the move next week, so yesterday I called about the electricity. After I got over the shock of having to pay a $200 deposit on top of a $25 start up fee I got everything ready for today so I could get the electricity started tomorrow. This morning I faxed my photo ID and social security card with all of my account information to the office to get it verified so I could start up my account. About 20 minutes later I get a phone call telling me that someone has already used this social security number and now I have to go to a social security office and get it verified that I am who I say I am. Let me just tell you I almost yelled at the man on the phone. I am 20 years old and someone decided to steal  my identity when I was 4, I learned this last year when I started our electricity at my house with my roommates. I had to go through all of this last year and now I get to deal with it again.

I am so mad at America for this even being a possibility. Every single American citizen is given a social security card and it should be in a huge database with THEIR names next to it. If someone tries to use one of those social security numbers and the name doesn't match it should be flagged. I have a social security card with MY name on it. I have used it for COUNTLESS things during my 20 years of life and when I was in the hospital for 3 weeks we didn't have one problem with this.

So now I am having to jump through a bunch of hoops to verify I am Morgan McMullen and this is my social security number. I personally think this is ridiculous and just because some slim ball decided to steal MY number doesn't mean I should be punished. But back in the 90's people didn't check to make sure you had the correct social security number they just assumed it was yours. So I get to spend my afternoon going to the social security office and proving I am myself. This whole thing is so frustrating to me and makes me want to go find the person who did this and smack them around a little, I know that won't solve anything but it would make me feel better.

Well now I guess I can tell you what this post is really about. I finally found a coffee table that I am going to redo. I am really excited to get started on it and to hopefully finish it up before the move next week. So of course the first thing I did when I found my coffee table was search Pinterest to find exactly what I wanted to do. I have been searching for awhile to find exactly what I want to do and I think I might have it finally figured out. This isn't the exact coffee table but it will work and I didn't have to pay a dime for it!

Okay y'all I love this coffee table. I adore that color on the top of it and I like how it is two toned, I've been digging that lately. This post is really about the Nester's lovely striped curtains but it had the best picture of her beautiful coffee table. I am really digging the round coffee table and I like the funky piece of wood/antler/I'm not sure on top of it. I think this is super cute and I personally love everything in the Nester's house. She has some gorgeous stuff going on so go and check her out over at Nesting Place.

I love neutrals in the living room. I think it is really smart to go with neutral colors when it comes to your couch because it makes things so much easier to decorate around and if you change your mind about your color scheme then you don't have to buy a new couch. I love this coffee table because it can also be a comfy foot rest, I'm all about putting my feet up. I also love the trim on this piece around the bottom, I think it ads an extra ump to it. I found this beauty over at Kristie's blog The Decorologist, she has some awesome tips for decorating and how to stage your home if you are trying to sell it. Make sure and check her out for more great ideas!

The thing I like the most about this coffee table is that the top was left wood and wasn't painted. I also really like that the painted part is white so that makes it really versatile when it comes to what color scheme you are using in your living room. It makes things really easy to change out if you want something new. I love how it is really distressed and you can see the wood showing through the paint. I am a BIG fan of this coffee table and the fact that it's round also makes me love it more. To find out all about Kristine's lovely coffee table and the rest of her home makeovers go and check out the Painted Hive.

I love old trunks, I have a serious obsession with them and someday in my future big house I will have loads and loads of old trunks everywhere. I have an old trunk that came with my family from the mother country that my great grandma gave me. It has all of my special things in it that I want to remember. It is at my house with my momma but very accessible. I love the idea of putting a trunk in my living room as a coffee table but my trunk is black and I wasn't planning on using black in my living room. So even though I really love this idea I would have to find a trunk to use since there is no way I would paint mine. It is a family heir loom, so no painting. I just loved this idea though and had to share it with you lovelies. If you like this idea too you can find even more great ideas at Decor Pad.

I hope you don't mind the rant from above, I needed to get it off of my shoulders. Thank you for all of your support I really appreciate it ladies. Have a blessed day and let me know what your favorite coffee table is! 
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  1. So sorry about the social security number thing. I had that happen too a year ago and it made for a huge headache! LAME!
    Love you inspirations. I think my favorite is the nester's coffee table... actually the whole room is pretty much awesome.

  2. When you get all settled and all, do a free credit check. (Once a year) We have to keep up on our credit report because identify theft is a real problem now.

    I like the first photo the best. I have a valance in my living room that color - the tabletop. Love that color!

  3. Hi Morgan
    Thanks for featuring my rustic coffee table. If I could get away with something rectangular I would definitely have a trunk - love 'em.

  4. I love decorpad! And I love the rustic coffee table!!
    Found you at It's just called spicy!