Monday, July 2, 2012

Mountain Vacation

Well I am finally back home and into my normal routine again today. After a long weekend of driving, 25 hours to be exact, it is nice to be back in Oklahoma again. On Friday at about 11 we were sitting in our condo and the cleaning ladies showed up and informed us we were supposed to be gone at 10 and new people were arriving at 3 today. We had one less day at the condo then we thought so we all packed our bags, got dressed, and loaded up. I must say I was impressed, in less then 30 minutes we had everything packed and loaded in the car with all of us ready to go. Well this changed this quite a bit, we had rented kayaks the night before to use all day Friday and they were strapped to the top of the car. Well none of us wanted to go and kayak then drive home with wet rear ends. So we returned the kayaks and decided to go and find some bears. We wanted to see at least a bear before we left and luckily we did! I was very excited about this and glad we decided to not head straight home.

At dinner we decided to drive all the way through to Oklahoma and pull an all nighter. It was about 5 when we decided to do this so we got on the road and started driving. About 30 hours later with a few stops along the way for food and gas we arrived home. After a long night of driving and cramped car sleeping we were all ready to get out of the car and relax. Jarr and I had a 30 minute drive home though so we loaded up his truck and headed home. When we got to the house it was hot, we went from 60's to 100's and we weren't ready for it. So we cranked down the AC and started unpacking. Around 8 we decided to go and get some dinner and to enjoy some AC because the house still wasn't cool. We had only been home for a few hours and its a big house.

When we got back from dinner and the house still wasn't cool I knew something was wrong. So we went exploring around the house and tried to figure out what was wrong with the AC. Well we found the problem, the water wasn't running through the AC, but neither of us knew how to fix it. So we opened up all the windows and turned on all the fans. Yesterday, our anniversary, it still wasn't working. So our plans of spending the day relaxing at Jarr's house and cooking a nice dinner together got thrown out the window and we spent 2 hours washing Jarr's truck and then another 2 hours in Wal-Mart avoiding the house. Last night I was walking around cleaning things up and walked by an air vent and felt the ice cold air comnig out. We don't know how but the AC had started working so we closed all the windows and enjoyed the ice cold air. Let me just tell you, it was heaven.

This definitely wasn't what we were expecting but we both made the best of it. Poor Jarr slept in the heat on Saturday night and was really not looking forward to doing it again. On Sunday when I showed up he was miserable. I'm not sure why the AC started working again but I'm not complaining. The heat and air guy is still coming today and looking at it just to make sure there isn't anything wrong with it. Hopefully everything gets worked out today because this Oklahoma heat is killer. Besides Jarr's AC going out we had a great vacation. It was really nice to get away and to spend some quality time with his family.

This is a picture of the weeping wall. It was so incredible, if you weren't careful though you got soaking wet driving by this thing. All of the water is run off from the mountain and it is constantly weeping.

The beautiful mountains, I could live here easily. It was so pretty everywhere you looked.

Me and Jarr hiking one day in Glacier.

Jarr and his brother Ryan climbing up the big snow hill. I was at the bottom and not brave enough to climb on the snow, it was slick.

I love the river running through the mountains, it looks so cool and I really want to go down the river.

Me and Jarr on the first day in front of some of the beautiful snow covered moutains.

The bear we saw. He was a chunky monkey and I wanted to pet him but I didn't. I was so excited we got to see him!

Have you had any fun vacations this summer?

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  1. We had this same thing happen to us (coming home to a big hot house and the AC cooling things down). The guy we called out explained that your AC unit has to work harder to cool off the space when the house is closed up, AC is off and the temperatures start to climb. He suggested that when we travel during hot months to keep the air on while we're gone, just adjusted at a warmer temperature. Then when we come home, we can set the dial at a temp we normally enjoy and the AC doesn't have to work as hard to cool of the house. Hope this helps.

    Sorry you had to experience it; I know exactly how miserable that can be. Glad you had a great trip!