Friday, July 6, 2012

Peaks, Pits, Praises, Prayers

This week has been great, we got a break on Wednesday for my favorite holiday, Independence day! I made Yummy Homemade Ice Cream for our celebration of the 4th and last night we celebrated Jarr's Papa's birthday with his family. Every day of my life God gives me more and more blessings. I am so thankful for all that he has blessed me with. This week was mine and Jarr's anniversary and we are going to the city tonight to celebrate it. I'm really excited for today because I also have a few apartments lined up to go and look at. So I'm crossing my fingers I find the right one and don't have to keep looking. I will also be applying for a few jobs today since I will have to find a new one when I move in August, so please say a prayer for me today.

Yesterday I applied for a few jobs online and got back some weird e-mails. I definitely don't recommend doing that and I won't be again. Who knew people were such creeps, I guess I just want to believe the good in people. So hopefully today when I go and apply in person I will find the perfect job for me and get an interview. The whole process of finding a job is so nerve wracking to me. I am a very private person and although it might seem hard for some to believe I'm an introvert so putting myself out there is very stressful for me. So hopefully things go smoothe today and I can find a job and an apartment! That would be such a relief to me, I've been worried about what my future will bring and those are two pretty big things I have to get figured out.

Since I'm on my own and paying for everything this is pretty big deal for me. I don't get any financial help from my mom because she really just can't afford it and I don't expect her to. So I pay for everything on my own and I'm really proud of that fact. I haven't taken out any student loans because I have full scholarships that pay for my school, I worked hard to get those and I'm so glad I have them. So I only have to pay for my living expenses, food, car insurance, and cell phone. Which isn't much compared to my school but its still a lot on what I make as part time. I know God will help me make it through this and I know that he will provide I'm just very impatient when it comes to waiting for his plan. I like to make my own plans, so my faith is my anchor and it's keeping my head from exploding.

Now onto what this post is really about, I always digress.

Peaks of the week- My peaks this week are many, the 4th of July (my favorite holiday), and it was mine and Jarr's anniversary which makes my heart happy. I am so thankful that I have such an incredible God loving man in my life. We may butt heads but I know at the end of everyday we will always work things out.

Pits of the week- I've been slacking off on my DIY's this week, I had a lot of plans for myself and then life got in the way. I do all of my crafting at Jarr's house because he has a big sun room that isn't used for anything so I claimed it as my craft room and its covered in my things. Anyway he didn't get working air conditioning until Monday night and then we started our new work out routine Monday. I know excuses, excuses. It's just been one of those weeks but tomorrow I have some projects that I am finishing for sure.

Praises of the week- I praise God for letting us have air conditioning. That may sound silly but go without it for a few days and you will too. I'm also praising God for giving me so many wonderful opportunities in my life, the job I'm at right now has been such a blessing. I have made some lifelong frienships and I have learned so much about myself and my work ethics, which ended up being better then I thought. :)

Prayers of the week- I pray that God helps me find the perfect apartment, if not today then in the future. I pray that God helps me find the perfect job for me and it will help pay my bills. I also pray that God blesses my friend Kenton who is in Afghanistan and gives his heart peace. I know Kenton has been at turmoil since he was shipped out a few weeks ago and I just pray that he turns towards God and relies on him.

What are you Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers for the week?
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  1. yes - ac is a huge blessing! best of luck with the job search! stopping by from the grant life link party!