Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chair Pinspiration

I have a desk I am working on right now that you have heard some about in Desk Pinspiration. Well when you have a desk you need a chair correct, my desk didn't come with a chair and I have been looking for one that will go with my desk and is small enough for quite a while now. I was borrowing my roommates desk chair because she didn't have a desk. But now that we don't live together anymore I need my own chair. So I finally found the perfect chair yesterday at the ETC. shop in town. The ETC. shop is our Goodwill, it is run by the Mennonite community and they send all of the profits to missions so I love shopping there.

Yesterday as I was browsing around after work, like usual I spotted this chair and snatched it right up. If you wait to long someone else will take it right from under you, I've had this happen with some side tables I wanted. So I looked the chair over and it was in great shape, the price tag had been marked down from $5 to $3! I was pumped, I love a good deal. Now my chair, she's a beaut. She has long curvy legs and sits up nice and proud. She had been very loved at her previous home and had a little wear and tear on her but that's okay because I have plans for this baby.

I love this chair, I swoon everytime I look at her because I think she's just gorgeous. I love that dark wood color on the flower and the cleanness of the white and that gray stripe. Man I want this chair bad, I have had a crush on it for some time now. I really wanted to do this but my chair has a cushion and isn't solid wood so it was out but I am looking for a chair to do this to. If you love this girl to you can find her over at Design Sponge.

I am digging the blue on this chair, I have been having a love affair with blue lately and I know it will be in my room but I'm not sure what shade yet. I love the details on this chair and how she made them stand out. I also love that fabric! What girl doesn't love a good flower design? So I am leaning heavily towards doing something similar to this chair, she's just lovely. To find out how this chair earned its beauty to check out Nouvelle Vie Furniture you won't regret it.

You all know my obession with yellow and this chair just called to me. Look at her beautiful lines, I just want to snatch this baby up and take her home. I'm sure she would match my desk just fine. But I don't think Melissa would appreciate me stealing borrowing her chair. I love that this chair is pale yellow so it's not to overwhelming, if my chair ends up yellow it will defintely be pale. I also really like the navy and cream fabric she used. This color might be a winner and then I will get to paint something yellow, hopefully this doesn't lead to a series of yellow paintings with everything ending up yellow from here on though. I don't know if Melissa has a blog so I am giving you her Pinterest page and you can see all the beautiful pieces she has redone. So go give Melissa Brown some love ya'll. And if she does have a blog and someone knows her please leave it in my comments so I can give her credit!

So what do you lovelies think? Any great places I can get fabric fast? There is a little shop in town I am going to stop by this afternoon and hopefully find the perfect thing but I'm picky when it comes to fabric.

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  4. I am loving that first chair! Seems simple enough to duplicate, and so pretty.

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