Friday, April 17, 2015

Bad Weather Emergency Bag

Today I'm going to share something a little different from my usual Friday Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers. As it is tornado season in Oklahoma I think this is something that everyone should be prepared with so I'm going to share with you something that could mean the difference in survival.

As someone who was born and raised in Oklahoma I have been dealing with the realities of tornadoes my whole life. I am used to tornado season and I know the precautions we all should take during this time. Last year in one of my college classes we were given research about people and their preparedness for bad weather. Most people have no form of emergency bag for survival in the event of a tornado, hurricane, avalanche, whatever it may be. So as tornado season is upon us I am sharing with you what I have in my emergency bag.

The first thing I did was get a bag that would be easy to carry and keep me hands free in case I need to hold Eli, have Remy's leash or if we have to walk in the night and I need to hold a flashlight. So I got a backpack that is good size and would hold a lot of stuff.

In side my backpack I have what I consider essentials for my family.

4 bottles of water - one for each member of my family
1 blanket that is fairly large
1 beach large beach towel
1 bag of dog food for Remy
1 bag of cat food for Eli
1 bowl for this food to go in
1 package of poop bags just in case
1 container of puppy paw wipes for dirty paws
Several granola bars/snacks for Jarr and myself
1 flashlight
2 ponchos for Jarr and me
Several Germex Wipes
1 Bottle of Ibuprofen

Now, some of these things are not necessities for us but they will definitely make things easier. We also make sure that Eli is wrapped up in a blanket when we take him to a shelter, for his protection and ours. He has full claws and will use them sometimes when he gets scared. Remy is also leashed and we bring along some form of toy for her to play with.

We also try to make sure and grab at least one phone charger and I-pad on our way so that we can be aware of whats going on. We are also very lucky and right now live very close to our college campus and it has several basements that we can go and camp out in during bad weather. This is VITAL information for any Oklahoman to know. Where is a storm shelter closest to you? This can literally mean the difference in life and death during a tornado.


So, I urge you all to think about your families and prepare emergency bags for whatever type of weather you live in. What kind of necessities do you think should be in an emergency bag?


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