Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sleeping Oasis

I don't know about you but one of the most important room in my house is where the snoozing is going on. I like comfortable bedrooms with relaxing colors that will make it easy for me to take a nice long sleep in. I am a big fan of sleeping and as many who tell you will know if I could take a nap everyday I would. So I have found some gorgeous bedrooms that I am majorly lusting over. I would love to have some of these gorgeous rooms at my future house. Maybe I could convince one of these lovely room creators to come decorate my house? Maybe?


Now I really love this room, the gorgeous floors, that amazing rug and the white bedding. Not to mention the candles and the perfect lamps on the night stands. BUT in my house let me tell you how this would go, muddy paws (aka Remy) would come and run all over that rug and jump on the bed and roll around, turning them both a lovely shade of mud brown. The candles on the floor, Eli would totally try to play with the flame and catch himself on fire. IF I could manage to keep Eli off of the night stand the lamps also might survive.


Now this is the kind of bedroom girls dream about. That view, man I would love to have that view every day. I really love the benches at the end of this bed also, how cute are those! I am also a huge fan of the curtains because lets be real, who wants light shining in on them during their precious sleep time? Not this girl, heck no that just ticks me off. Again I am a fan of the white bedding but I just don't know if I'm brave enough for it yet.


I look at this room and one word comes to mind, COZY. Now this bedding I think I could get away with. It is a nice shade of tan that would work well with muddy paws. I really like her night stands also. The mirrored sides is really neat and I would love to have a piece like that in my room.


I am really digging this headboard. I don't think I would use black like they have but the tuffs, man I could definitely get down with that. I also like this bench and how it could be used for storage, I don't think you can ever have enough storage. And once again I am loving that they have curtains up.


I really like the colors in this room, I don't think I would pick those darker shades to put on walls but I really like it here. I never would have thought this would work so well together. I also LOVE the throw blanket on this bed, I am a HUGE fan of big knit blankets like this, my future MIL has one and I snatch it every time we go to their house. I really like how this room has a variety of textures, the sparkle pillows, the throw, the comforter, and the headboard all are different but go together.

What do you like to have in your snooze zone? What kinds of colors do you think work well in bedrooms?


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