Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kitchen Table Love

A few weeks ago I talked about my love of kitchens and what I am looking for and looking forward to in my next kitchen. So today I want to talk about some kitchen tables I am really loving the look of. These ideas are all gorgeous and I really like the idea of having something along these styles. 

I really like how this is a built in, I think this is great for a big family and the bench itself is gorgeous. This is great for a little kitchen nook and you could have a ton of storage under the bench seats.


The bench on this table is super cool. I really like how it has all the cushion and the back support. This would be great for a family without small children and a family like mine who wants to sit and visit for several hours at the table.

The color of this table and the gorgeous wood grain is very impressive on this table. I really like how this looks and the color scheme that is in this room works really well with the table color. 

I am a big fan of the top of furniture being wood grain and then the bottom being painted. I really like this table and I think it would go well in just about any home. The white is very neutral and the top of the table is a great color. 

This table like the one above also has a different colored bottom base. I think the black is a good neutral and it goes well with the side table and the chalkboard sign on the wall. This is a very neutral table as well and it looks really great with the decor in this room.

There are so many choices, which table do you like best?


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