Friday, April 24, 2015

Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers

This week we have been preparing for a garage sale and working on wedding things. We are going to try and get our invitations out on Monday and my goal is to have all of the flowers, my garter, and some decor for the wedding finished by the end of the week. So far I have the flowers all finished and will be posting a DIY Wedding Bouquet post next week. We are getting really close to the wedding and moving and changing everything and its starting to get a little crazy around here.

Sneak peak of the DIY Wedding bouquets I will be posting about!

Peaks- We have gotten so much accomplished this week! We are packing up the house, working on wedding stuff, and getting ready for a garage sale bonanza. I am so proud of all we have gotten done though, its been a very productive week.

Pits- Everything is getting boxed up and it  makes our house look less like a home and more like a boring rental. It's slightly depressing to go home to a place that doesn't look like your home but it will be so nice when everything is ready to move and we don't have to worry about last minute packing.

Praises- We had AMAZING wedding showers the last two weekends and got so many wonderful things from our friends and families. We are definitely beyond blessed with love and support.

At one of our showers!

Prayers- That Jarr does good on his finals and doesn't stress too much about everything. That our garage sale goes well and we can get rid of a lot of our things we don't need anymore. That the move and new transition goes well and we can all stay stress free and as calm as possible.

What are your Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers for the week?


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