Monday, May 11, 2015

7 Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress

Today I am sharing with you 7 different ways to style maxi dresses, now this could be the same dress in every different style. I just didn't happen to take pictures like that but it definitely happens around here. One of my biggest struggles is feeling like I'm always wearing the same thing over and over so I have started mixing up some of my maxi dresses to change it up. This is also super helpful when you are traveling because these are outfits you could easily do with one dress and save a ton of room packing. Plus who doesn't love a good maxi dress? They are sooo comfy!

I wore this look on a cool rainy day, the cardigan is a must in my office, they like to freeze us out. I also added this fun scarf that is big and blanket like. I really love the colors in this scarf and I thought this outfit worked well together. 

One thing I hate about most dresses is the inability to wear a real bra without having your straps showing. So the t-shirt over the maxi dress solves that problem! Also this is great if you are tall like me, you don't need to get skirts and dresses, you can just make one dress work as both. I knotted the shirt I was wearing to make it a good length on me and to make it more fitted. 

This is one of my favorite looks, I didn't know if I could pull this off by I decided to just rock it. I kinda felt like a little girl with this headband but it matched the vest so well that I had to wear it. I LOVE this vest, for real it was by far one of my most favorite purchases. It also allows you to wear a regular bra with the maxi!

In this outfit I combined two of the above options, the t-shirt over the dress with a vest. This completely changes the style of the dress and most people would have no idea it isn't just a skirt. 

Plain dress with a fun patterned kimono or a cardigan is a great way to mix it up. I was wearing a fun necklace with this outfit that has to come off before I walk in the door or Remy thinks its a chew toy around mom's neck. 

A maxi dress is always perfect to dress up also. Throw on a blazer and some wedges with a great necklace and you are ready for anything. The best part about this look is that if you end up wanting to loose the blazer you still have a great look! 

This look is all about comfort! Adding a chambray top is always a good idea and with the pop of color in the bandeau it makes this look very summery and fun. Also please ignore the cat tail and puppy dog back in the bottom of these pictures. The kids were very excited that mom was home on this rainy day. The were hyped up from being cooped up inside all day!

Which style is your favorite? How do you like to mix up your dresses? 


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