Thursday, May 21, 2015

Candy Popcorn Snack

Today I am sharing with you one of the easiest treats I have ever made. It is so simple and super delicious, this is perfect for a party of any kind and can easily be customized to fit your event. I'm going to be honest with you though, this is highly delicious and addictive and really not that good for you. Seriously though, every single person I've ever made it for has not been able to stop eating it. It is a blessing and a curse so be prepared!

What You Need
1 bag white chocolate chips
1 bag Chester's Original Puffs
Sprinkles of Choice (optional)
Wax Paper/Foil

You will also need a microwavable bowl and a large mixing bowl and spoon.

The first step is to put the white chocolate chips in a microwavable bowl. You are going to just melt the chips, it takes 1 minute in my microwave. 

After those are melted you are going to stir them together and they should look like the above chips. If there are some that are still not melted all the way this is fine. As long as 90% is melted you are ready for step 3. 

Dump your bag of Puff Corn into a large mixing bowl. Then you are going to pour all of the white chocolate chips on top of the puffcorn like below. 

Once all of the white chocolate is in the mixing bowl you are going to stir it all together. You want the chocolate to be on every piece of puff corn. This should be fairly easy to mix up and just make sure that every piece is mostly covered, they will look like the picture below. 

After this you are going to lay out your wax paper or tin foil. They both work the same, just use whatever you have on hand. Make sure you tear a pretty good size piece, for one bag I would tear a little bigger then a large cookie sheet. You are going to put all of the mixed puff corn and chocolate on the sheet, just pour the mixture out on the foil. Then you are going to want to spread it all out, you don't want it stacked on top of each other, separate all of the puff corn so it's one thin layer. 

The puff corn should now look like the above picture on your counter. The next step is optional, if you decide to add sprinkles which don't change the taste- they just add some color and make it more fun. This is when you do it, cover the puff corn with as little or as many sprinkles as you want. You want to do this now while they are still cooling so the sprinkles will stick to puff corn.  

This is what it sill look like, then you need to let the puff corn sit for at least 20 minutes to harden up. You want all of the chocolate to dry and stick to the puff corn.

I got my sprinkle's in the discount section at Target. I like them because they are really fine, so they stuck to the popcorn really well. Any sprinkles will work these are just the kind that I prefer. 

After you let everything dry and harden you are ready to serve! The puff corn will stick some to the foil but you just pick it off and put in a fun bowl. Then you are ready to serve at any party or event! This is a great simple treat that takes no time at all!

Have you ever had candy popcorn before?


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