Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Baby K Reveal Decorations

A few days ago I shared with you about my best friend having a little sweet baby! I shared with you my reveal inspiration and party decorations so today I am going to share with you the decorations I put together for the party.

All of these supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby in the party section. I wanted to get a variety of pink and blue decorations and then to combine them and make some cute decorations. I decided that I could get some of the prepackaged things and then rework them to make what I wanted. Since we are currently living in boxes I have no idea where most of my craft things are so this was my best option.

In the dinning room where we had all of the food set out I hung up these blue and pink dot bands. These are cute and simple. I got a package of pink and a package of blue and just combined them. I also put blue and pink streamers on the backs of the dinning room chairs. My helper for this party was a  year old so she decided how long the streamers were going to be. It looks great but not quite what my OCD self had in mind. I also got a package of pink and blue balloons and had the girls help me blow them up, these were put up all over the house. 

For the dinning room table I got plastic table cloths from Dollar Tree and I unfolded the pink on and used the blue one as a runner. This seemed like the best way to showcase both colors. I also got straw decorations at hobby lobby, mustache's for boys and bows for girls. I spread these out on the table and lots of people used them on their straws. 

I really like the pennant banners so I got a pink and blue one from Hobby Lobby and just made hung one tighter then the other so they would both show. I put a blue balloon on one side and a pink on the other, the back door is to the right of this picture and it was super bright outside.  

I made this sign with a poster board, some craft paper and stickers. I got the largest stickers that they had in black and then I just got enough to go with the saying I wanted to use. For the pennant banner I just cut the corners off  of two pieces of paper, I made sure they were all the same size and they ended up working really well. I attached them with glue dots and used a marker to write on "HE" and "SHE" on the pink and blue paper. I just sat this sign on a bench by the front door and taped the top to the bench so it wouldn't fall over.  

For the reveal I got a big black balloon, at hobby lobby they have a special giant black balloon in the balloon section. I knew what they were having so I cut up pieces of streamers and filled the balloon with it. Then the day of the reveal I used a helium tank and filled the balloon up. We had the future dad hold the balloon and the future mom pop it with a a stake knife. 

All of the little ones loved the confetti and kept playing with it. Everyone had a great time and we are all very happy and excited for little girl baby K to be here! 

What kind of decorations would you use for a gender reveal party?


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