Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How to Make Boutonniere's

A few weeks ago I shared how to Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet so today I am going to share how I also made my own Boutonniere's for the groomsmen.  Now I'm going to share the easy slightly redneck way that I made these flowers and you are going to be like well that was simple anyone could do that. Well that's the truth, these are super easy and anyone can do it.

The first thing I did was decide what colors I wanted my flowers to be. Our wedding colors are blue and a pale yellow so I bought a bunch/bushel of blue and pale yellow hydrangeas. Then I picked off the bunches and cut them in half. I didn't want these to be very big but that is a personal preference.

After I did this with the blue and yellow I played around with the arrangements until I figured out exactly how I wanted them to be. Then I did exactly the same thing as my bouquets. I duck taped them together. I wrapped it around the stem and made sure not to go to high so the flowers could move around some. 

After the duck tape I took glue dots and ribbon and wrapped the ribbon around the parts that were duck taped. After making one I decided that I wanted the base part to be a little thicker so I just did a few layers of duck tape under the ribbon to add some thickness. The ribbon I used is exactly the same as the ribbon on the bridesmaid bouquets its just the thinner version. I wanted them to look slightly uniformed. 

See the one on the right, its a little thicker and I liked that better. This was SUPER easy, I'm not kidding it took me like 15 minutes after I figured out how I wanted my flowers arranged to make all of them. 

I have found a slight problem with these though. You have to be careful where you pin the boutonniere through the base. If you go in the middle or too low then the pin will get stuck. It can't make it through the duck tape. But as long as you pin them at the top then you are golden. 

Here is all of my boutonniere's for the wedding! We are only doing them for the groomsmen, we decided against making them for our parents and grandparents. This made things super simple and fast. 

Do you think you could make your own wedding flowers? 


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