Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Food Ideas

With Memorial Day being Monday I wanted to share some fun and easy memorial day food ideas that would be great for a party or get together anyone might be having. All of these look great and like something anyone could whip up quickly.

These berry kabobs look really yummy and simple. This would be super easy if you have little hands who want to help. I like this versions also for a party because people won't be touching everything which is much cleaner. Check out all the info on this at

This looks so good! I love how they did the red, white, and blue dipped oreo's. This is something you could do with a lot of different food varieties. Check out Saving Dollars and Sense to get the details about these bad boys. 

These pretzel sticks look amazing and I'm 90% sure if I tried this mine wouldn't look as good. I think these are perfect for Memorial day festivities and Lady Behind the Curtain gives you all the details on how to make these. 

I couldn't find a home for this guy on pinterest but I think this is pretty self explanatory. This looks great and you could mix it up with different red, white, and blue fruits and foods. I really like that they did white chocolate pretzels which are delicious and you can buy prepackaged so there's less work for you. 

Who doesn't look a good rice krispies treat!?! These look super yummy and I love the red, white, and blue look. Check out all the info on how to do this over at Lil Luna.

Which one is your favorite Memorial Day snack?


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