Friday, May 22, 2015

What Are You Benchin' About?

In the last few weeks I have shared about my different furniture loves of kitchen tables, upholstered chairs, and hutches. Today I am going to share with you some re-purposed furniture that has become benches.  I really love how all of these benches were created out of something that isn't quite what they were made for. I think this is a great way to up-cycle things in your home and I am definitely loving this trend.

The chair bench, I think this is a great idea. It is so clever, I really am impressed with this piece and I also really love this color. I am definitely in a cobalt blue stage of my life so this piece calls to me. 

The wooden crate bench is also clever. I really love the color of red that they picked and also that piece of wood is gorgeous. The stain on it is perfect and it turned out great. This would be perfect for an entry way with the cubbies. 

This little bucket bench seat is super cute. I really love the detail on the legs and bottom part of this piece. I like how she has left the drawer so you can still use it for storage and the color works really well. I also like the detail of the different color on the top shelf. 

I really like this entry way piece and how big it is. The color is great and it offers cubbies for your shoes and hooks for your coats. I'm a big fan of these pieces, they are so smart for a mud room or entry way. 

I love the combination of distressed white with this gorgeous wood. I think the colors work great together and it definitely helps that she has a little story behind this piece. I really love the way this turned out and would totally love to snatch it off her front porch! 

Now this is one of two pieces that were done like this. I personally like the white better but I am a white and gray kind of girl. One feature I really love is that the bench part of this lifts up for storage under the seat. I think that is so smart! You can never have enough storage in your home!

Which piece is your favorite?


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