Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WW- Can I Get Your Autograph?

Its that time again! Another edition of Wedding Wednesday is here, this week I'm going to talk about something that has become super fun. To catch up on all the previous Wedding Wednesday's go here and find out about every week! I really love all of the new ideas for wedding guest books and I think that this is a great way to get something you can use in your house for home decor or that you can keep for years that isn't just a book with people's names in it. So today I'm going to share with  you some of my most favorite guest book ideas.

My sister did this and I really loved it when she did. I love the idea of making a book with your engagement pictures and having your guest write you notes as your guest book. The only problem with this is if you have a wedding with 200+ guests this could take a long time for people coming in to the wedding. 

I really LOVE the idea of using a globe as a guest book. You can have your guest pick a place they want you to travel and sign there. I would try to make this part of my bucket list and visit those places if this was my guest book. 

This sign is such a cool idea. I really like how they have put the heart with love in it, you could also do your initials or last name. The only thing I would do differently is have my guest sign with a color different from the heart. I think doing two colors would look really cool. 

I have never seen this at a wedding but I really like the idea of using your wedding date with fun pictures. This is such a unique idea and would look great in your house after the wedding. Plus reading all of the nice messages for years to come would be really nice. 

This is a super unique idea and could be displayed just about anywhere in your home. I like how they have bigger hearts with the couples names in the middle and then you can write a message or your name on the hearts the guest sign. I think this is super cute and different. 

Which guest book idea is your favorite?


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